Andrea Rossi And The U.S. Elections

There has been some discussion taking place lately on the use of alternative energy as a talking point in the U.S. presidential elections. Those who have been following Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat and Hot Cat listen eagerly for any news at all in the main-stream media, hoping that news of this great development will become more widespread. However, Rossi himself has said repeatedly that the main stream media won’t pay any attention to LENR until it is successfully on the market and working according to expectations.

Rossi and the Leonardo Corp. are being very cautious right now in who they sell E-Cats to. They plan, according to Rossi’s most recent speech at Pordenone, to use the first confidential sales to regain their investments, before they risk releasing the technology to those who would reverse engineer it. However, LENR is making the news now occasionally. So, should this figure into the U.S. elections?

Consider the two candidates’ background in energy. Obama, as soon as he was elected, sank millions of taxpayers’ dollars into Solyndra in an attempt to give alternative energy a bounce. The company failed, taking the money invested, jobs, and the hopes of many with it. Obama is not, under any circumstances, going to bring up alternative energy in his campaign. In addition, he has already made it clear that he will not allow the fossil fuel industry to flourish. His determination at the beginning of his presidency was to declare “war on coal” – which is the backbone of U.S. economy. When Solyndra failed, he didn’t call a truce on the war on coal. He refused to work with the Canadian government to run a gas line across the country, and allows foreign countries to drill for oil in U.S. waters, but won’t allow U.S. oil companies to do so. There is nothing about any of these policies that reacts well in a society that is paying record prices for other countries’ oil and facing massive unemployment.

Romney has chance of more success on the energy front, since he doesn’t have a record, yet, on making mistakes. He mentioned LENR or cold fusion in a speech early on, which got the attention of many of us who follow developments in this field, but honestly, he probably doesn’t know anything about it. Those speech writers cast about for any thread of new ideas that can still be couched in safe terminology. However, this does give Romney an edge in that he has already, by making this reference, indicated that alternative energy is not out of the question in his administration. It will just have to prove itself. He also is an advocate of using the U.S. resources to ease our own economic burdens. The newly discovered resources within the continental U.S. could re-employ hundreds of thousands of Americans and make our costs of living go down. So, Romney has nothing to lose by discussing energy.

Don’t expect Romney to bring up LENR or the E-Cat on the campaign trail. However, it is entirely possible that he will look for ways, if he is elected president, to build up a new infrastructure using LENR and other alternative energy sources so that the United States has something to “fall back on” when the oil and coal run out.

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