Debating The Outsourcing of E-Cat Fusion

Since quite some time ago there have been enthusiasts asking about the possibility of E-Cat technology being open-sourced, just like, for instance, the notion of the revolutionary 3D printing has been. When Rossi was asked about such possibility, he answered with a resounding “No,” and gave plenty of reasons for his refusal (understandably so, considering we’re talking about an invention with a lot of potential).

So this type of engagement with the technology is impossible, but what if there is some other way to get involved? Interestingly, it looks as though such opportunity presented itself, when one of the JONP readers, Jim Rice, suggested that Andrea Rossi:

“may want to allow others to add value by adding other capabilities to the E-Cat, similar to Apple’s strategy of producing iPhones and allowing others to create the applications.”

If in the first case, the open source idea was rejected right off the bat, this idea seemed to have been embraced.

Rossi did state that he’d been working with 100 qualified personnel and specialists, but there is always a chance that somewhere outside there is a genius, capable of coming up with something magnificent.

Thus, judging by the answer given by the inventor

– “Good point, we could also leave to others the task to apply electric generators and other optionals, like air conditioners… I think in future it will go the way you say” –

there is a chance that the E-Cat fusion technology may have multiple people (scientists or not) working on various applications and add-ons and whatnot.

Different people think differently and making such an option available to the world would create an even wider interest in the technology, as there would be engineers, chemists and practical scientists who’d be doing their best to offer something unique and something worthwhile to improve a technology that’s still at its very beginning.

Such step would also make the technology more liquid in terms of crowd-development and less solid (or rather said, less controlled) when it comes to the man behind it. The E-Cat is the creation of Andrea Rossi, and one of the most debated issues about it has been the secrecy surrounding the catalyst inside.

So when its inventor says, “in the future” it is understandable that there are no clear lines to an outsourced approach, not until the technology is fully certified, patented and commercialized at least. Speculating towards this direction, however, Rossi does seem to hint at electricity production that could be further developed with outside specialization.

If given the opportunity, how would you improve Rossi’s technology?

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  1. 1. By filing a patent that shows exactly how it works. (rossi is now protected
    2. Have it independently tested and verified.
    3.Scientists all over the world would be able to verify this and improve it.
    4.Sell units to real non secret customers.
    5.Rossi retires as BIllionaire!

    • Unless Rossi has a US patent and an International patent, he has no protection for his intellectual property. That Billion dollars you are talking about is an illusion unless he has patent protection. You cannot blame him for an antiquated patent system.

  2. When talking about what is holding up the development of LENR the elephant in the room which no one seems to be talking about is our outdated Patent System. The system is supposed to protect intellectual property, it has turned into a deterrent to technological progress.

  3. I have mixed feeling about the manner in which Rossi’s is attempting to market his E-Cat. As a former aerospace research & development engineering designer — a) you build a working protype, b) you demonstrate it to a potential (big bucks client(s), c) negotiate the cost & profit, and then d) proceed to production. All under the cloak of tight secrecy and international protection — A big order for an indiviual.

    In such a potentally profound breakthorugh as is beeing claimed, if I were Rossi, I would work directly with the Italian or U.S. Governments as partners who would not assure financial and property protection, but have the muscle to enter the product into the world market. Or, at the leaast, negotiate with a large corporate entity to handle the whole ball of wax.

    While E-Cat sounds like a great idea, and is welcome, me thinks Rossi is hanling the E-Cat marketing like a snake-oil huskster. Ciro

    • There are many out there who think that Rossi doesn’t handle the marketing process of his device properly. I guess we can only wait and see how it will pan out in the end.

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