E-Cat and High Speed Trains

Nobody should deny the fantastic LENR potential anymore. Although there are many independent researchers who were able to produce excess energy from Low Energy Nuclear Reaction in theory, Rossi was the first able to come up with a commercial product, so it’s only natural that his device is either highly acclaimed or highly discredited. 

Further more,  speculations upon the device boosted up, shortly after the announcement by Leonardo Corporation that they are getting ready to manufacture a million Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) powered E-Cat devices for home use, before the end of this year.

This has prompted cold fusion enthusiasts to suggest that the time has come to explore the numerous applications for the new LENR energy system. It is believed that by tapping the immense power stored in a small amount of Nickel metal, plenty of energy concerns could be addressed.

Andrea Rossi is also a well known environmental advocate, so there was only one step left before linking the E-Cat, high speed trains and a railway system into a fascinating future transportation system – more sustainable, more efficient and, frankly, quite possible.

In this specific case, the heat energy generated by the Rossi energy catalyzer could be easily converted to electricity or steam and power. It could then be utilized to drive high speed trains (such as the TGV or the Shinkansen).

Running at speeds of up to 300 km/h, bullet trains are known for punctuality (most trains depart on time to the second), comfort (quite silent couches with spacious seats), efficiency and safety.

A lot of the technology behind these trains is an improved application of mature standard gauge rail technology using overhead electrification. Their modern steam turbines are a lot more efficient than the older versions, so that – at least in theory – they could be designed to work with the Rossi Energy Catalyzer.

Superfast or faster than the bullet? Can the ECat make this possible?

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  1. If LENR is real, then aircraft capable of flying at full speed
    for months on end without refueling will be possible. Vertical takeoff
    and landing aircraft could become commonplace, and flying wingless cars
    as seen in Star Wars movies will be buildable for those brave or
    reckless souls who don’t worry about the potential for engine failure.
    LENR jet engines should be relatively quiet, resulting in nearly silent
    aircraft sailing through the skies.

    NASA scientist Dr Zawodny claims that reusable single stage LENR
    powered space planes will be able to take off from any commercial
    airport, fly to orbit to deliver satellites, and then land like an
    ordinary jetliner. This would not only lower the cost of satellite
    launches, but would allow the cost effective construction of very large
    space stations. Trips to the moon would become relatively cheap and
    commonplace, and trips to Mars with active radiation shielding would be
    possible with a 3 month travel time each way. Space travel could be
    pursued by private corporations for commercial, industrial reasons, not
    just by governments. We won’t be able to fly to the stars with LENR, but
    our solar system would become easily navigable at a price we can

    • This is the future. 

  2. Without any doubt, the CF/LENR reactors WILL be used to power transportation vehicles. I have commented on this: http://rossifocardifusion.com/
    In the beginning, someone could use a thermoelectric generator (these have been improved recently) to convert the heat output from a small CF/LENR reactor to electrical power and drive an electric motor that drives a small motorcycle or car.
    Then later, when CF/LENR reactors are in commercial production, every type of motor vehicle, boat, plane, train, space craft WILL be powered by a CF/LENR reactor. You can ‘Bet the farm on it’! jdh

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