E-cat For Space Heating

Described as a very simple but very good idea, Andrea Rossi’s e-cat for space heating purposes is the latest buzzword on the Italian inventor’s blog Journal of Nuclear Physics.

A reader of Rossi’s blog, named Christopher Calder, made the suggestion online, to which Rossi responded with on a favorable note:

“Do you know? Yours is a very good idea. We gotta study it.”

Calder asked Rossi if he could produce an e-cat space heater. Judging on Rossi’s response, the idea had not been considered in the past obviously. Here is Calder’s explanation:

“Most current consumer electric space heaters are limited to 1,500 watts, which is claimed to be enough to heat 1,000 square feet (93 square meters). Such a device would allow even very low income apartment dwellers to immediately benefit from LENR technology. You could not possibly manufacture enough portable heaters to keep up with worldwide demand. Competition is only a problem if you run out of customers. The E-Cat shortage will be the big problem making headlines.”

In addition, the e-cat space heater could also be used for cooling purposes especially to countries that have hot weathers. This is quite interesting if Leonardo Corporation is going to give this idea a serious attention.

Such devices would be perfect for use in cabins, tents, patios and various other outdoor settings, etc. Most importantly, it could be cost-effective and easy to install. People can buy a 1 KW space heater at $50 one by one if they cannot afford to buy a 10 KW thermal unit at $500. This seems indeed like a great opportunity.

It is good to follow-up on the topic and see if Rossi is going to make any further comments or even studies on this wonderful idea. Who wouldn’t like the possibility of an e-cat space heater & cooler all in one device?

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  1. Currently I have been getting a little over $300.00 per year to help my family with h.e.a.t.   Next year I will probably still be in my financial condition and have to ask for more money.  Wouldn’t it be great, instead of purchasing natural gas, to purchase the small E-cat heater and heat your house for the next years for next to nothing.  I am going to contact my Senator and Member of the House and urge them to do that. 

  2. Hi,

    ursprünglich wurde der E Cat von Rossi für 600 $ angepreisen.

    Dieser Preis scheint wohl ein Utopie zu sein, heuer wird der E cat in Down Under für 2500 $, lt. Werbung, angeboten.

    Ob der Nickelkathalysator noch für 30$ als Auswechslungspatrone zu bekommen ist, muß bezweifelt werden.


  3. E-cat space heater are very effective and powerful electric heaters to warm up a large space. I had read good reviews about this heater. I am looking for a heater for my house and I think e-cat can be a great option.

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