Potential E-cat Live Streaming Video Highlights

On his website, Journal of Nuclear Physics, a very interesting thread regarding a possible live e-cat video during a customer test is currently drawing a lot of attention, especially because Andrea Rossi is open to the idea. In fact, the Italian inventor thinks that the idea is great.

There have been many comments related to the live streaming, we’ve only gathered here the most important ones.

Q: With all due Respect. You need to set up 1 unit and run it 24 hours a day on video live stream. (This is a simple thing and this is what the people want) .

Rossi’s answer:

Great idea, we will make it (not the mental bricolage)

An E-cat live video during testing isn’t actually something new. It has already been requested and considered before; however, it did not happen because Rossi is waiting for the right customer who would allow him to put the device on a public webcast. As we all know, while Rossi prefers to have full control of his device, Rossi’s past customers also want to do the e-cat trade in secret.

Q: May I remember you this is not the first time you say “I’ll do a video live stream”?

Andrea Rossi (AR): You are right, but to do this we must wait to have the right Customer, who allows us to put his plant online. I will do it, as soon as I will have this chance.

Here is another update on the same topic, but from a different perspective. Someone asks for a webcam to be installed in Rossi’s lab.

Q: I think that it isn’t necessary putting the webcam on a sold plant, but only on one E-Cat module in your laboratory.

AR: I cannot open a camera on our test room, because we make also confidential operations. Only a plant in regular operation in our Customers’ concerns is possible.

This latest development of the e-cat technology is at least interesting and makes room for even more debate and interpretation. What do you think? Would a live video test solve the ‘core’ questions once and for all?

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