E-Cat Set To Rule The Market In 2012

As we were saying in the post yesterday, after a period of silence, Andrea Rossi announced that by next year the world market will be filled with 1 million units of 10 kW household E-Cats.

It can be recalled that Andrea Rossi’s initial estimated schedule for getting ready the 10 kW household E-Cat was one to two years from now. 

The change of plan was brought about by the new partners that came into the picture. Andrea Rossi claims that his new partners enabled the speeding up of the production and distribution of 10 kW E-Cat. As expected, Andrea Rossi did not reveal the names of his new partners. But it can be assumed that they have access to bigger and better funding, and possibly with powerful clout.

The logistics of manufacturing one million E-Cats is already so immense, let alone organizing the worldwide distribution network. Granting he already has the money to finance it, the physical construction of the manufacturing plants would take a lot of time. Then, there is the issue of certifications and other documentations required to produce such a controversial device, as well as the import process.

It is very exciting to see how Andrea Rossi will gather up all his concentration and focus all his efforts to implement this fantastic plan.

Remember all the previous discussions about classifying and patenting Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat at the international level? If the international organization in-charge of classifying technologies will declare Rossi’s E-Cat, the documentation and handling process will become even more complicated.

But it looks like Andrea Rossi has gotten everything figured out. He does not seem to be worried. Or if he is, he’s sure not showing any worries publicly. At the moment, his main concern is to out-shadow any competition by mass producing the E-Cat. He is not worried at all about certifications.

In a comment written on December 27, 2011, he wrote: “The certifications are in course. We will have them made within Autumn 2012.

Andrea Rossi really knows how to end the year with a bang.

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  1. All this assumes that Rossi actually has a sustainable, controllable LENR, which has not yet been demonstrated.

    • My research has led me to take a confident approach. I even use my own name when I comment on these matters. It demonstrates integrity.

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