E-Cat Takes Center Stage in Scarecrow Show

For those of you who aren’t up to speed yet, the Andrea Rossi E-Cat was the topic of this weekend’s Smart Scarecrow show. The most important part of the show was the almost 2h interview of Andrea Rossi, conducted by Allan Sterling.

While we’ve already put up the whole ECat show in another post, it’s worth pointing out the highlights and few new things to take out from the interview. In summary, Rossi described the 10 kW Rossi energy catalyzer device as:

  • having the size of a portable computer,
  • can be recharged using (so called) energy sticks that fit with the ball point pen refill statement,
  • having a simple replacement procedure that can be done by anyone,
  • and having no H2 canisters used, since its reactor stores and recycles the H2.

Additionally, the control of the reactor will be simple and done through the regulation of an operational heat point. Its tank will have a capacity of storing fuel that can last for 4,320 hours.

This amount involves using the E-Cat for 180 days, at 24 hours a day of operation. Conveniently, the Rossi energy catalyzer device will give out a signal as soon as a refill is needed. Customers of the heating and cooling E-Cat devices can order the refills and keep them in stock easily, through online orders. It is estimated that the cost of the refill will be $10 aside from the installation cost. Since replacement is simple, customers can do away with this installation cost.

No rocket science required to use the home E-Cat, isn’t it?

Rossi also disclosed that the first 1 MW plant is now undergoing modification and that it should be operational in a matter of one or two months. It is also learned that at present, twelve 1 MW E-Cat plants are being produced and one additional 1 MW plant was purchased by a new customer.

This interview comes shortly after NASA went public with a video on LENR evidence and how it’s easiest to use its potential in a device that does the same as Andrea Rossi’s ECat.

Interesting times are coming, January’s not over yet and the ECat and LENR have already been set on the path to conquer the energy market.

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  1. WHAT … Scarecrow Show in Australia – this is Not Correct – Please before you print something on the web make sure you know what your talking about.

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