E-Cat Test No Money Can Buy

Andrea Rossi, Sven Kullander, Hanno Essen

By now the entire online media related to the ECat has been buzzing about the $1 million offer Andrea Rossi received from Dick Smith, in order to do an E-Cat re-test of the March 2011 test.

Here’s a copy of the Australian skeptic’s proposal given through Steven Krivit of New Energy Times:

My offer is very simple, which I will restate: I ask you to repeat the March 29, 2011 demonstration purported to show that your E-CAT unit had an output power of many times the input power through LENR (low energy nuclear reactions).
As the sole judges as to whether this can be repeated correctly, I suggest we use the two Swedish scientists, Kullander and Essen, as they attended the March 2011 demonstration and wrote a report. I would be happy to cover any reasonable cost of having them flying to Italy to attend the repeat of the demonstration. They can then check the wires (because, as you know, there have been claims that the wiring may have been misconnected) and also the power output of the unit in relation to both the heated water and the steam.
I would be happy, with Kullander and Essen as the sole judges as to whether the unit has the power output you have claimed, to hand you an irrevocable Bank cheque for USD1,000,000 made out in your name if the demonstration is successfully completed. If Kullander and Essen are not available, I am happy to agree with you on two other individuals of similar expertise to attend the new demonstration as the judges. I am sure we can come to an agreement as to who would be suitable and independent. It would also be necessary to have a third person – who you and I can agree on – to assist with the type of measuring equipment and its accuracy so there are no doubts that the scientific community will accept the results.
I understand the 29 March 2011 demonstration took place over a period of more than six hours and showed a power multiplication of approximately ten times. To make the demonstration test even fairer, I would be happy if the demonstration to qualify for the assignment of the USD1,000,000 were reduced to a five-hour period and with a power multiplication ratio of at least eight times. This will make it very much easier for you to qualify for the USD1,000,000, As far as I am concerned, eight times’ power multiplication through LENRs will solve the world’s power problems for the future
Well, there it is. It’s quite simple. Successfully replicate the demonstration showing the power gain from LENRs of March 29, 2011 with the two Swedish scientists, Kullander and Essen (or two other individuals we agree on), and USD1,000,000 will be yours.

And here’s what Andrea Rossi answered:

Andrea Rossi
February 14th, 2012 at 6:23 PM
Dear Archibald Fields:
This is a Clownerie. If this guy wants to test a 1 MW plant and has 1 million to spend he can buy a 1 MW plant, with a regular contract, that gives him all the necessary guarantees and to us the logic financial guarantees. Our plants Are tested by Our Customers and the Consultants they choose. I have not time at all for this clownery. Besides: when Our E-CATS will be in the market, this “millionaire” will have the chance to buy for few hundred dollars an E-Cat and test it as he wants, so why waste money? I do not need his money.
Warm Regards,

Obviously, saying No to $1 million, especially when money is what makes the E-Cat developments go ahead, might not sound as a reasonable answer. However, here are 5 potential reasons that explain why this refusal is being the right stand.

  1. The March 2011 test was made using an E-Cat that was in its initial development stages – things have moved way beyond an early test prototype since then, so why would Rossi want his product judged based on old data that might have even become obsolete due to further developments?
  2. Asking for a new test already completed not by 1, but by 2 physicists (Kullander + Essen) and followed by several other successful tests, plus hopeful results seen from others, too, sounds like questioning the expertise as much as the E-Cat itself. Not very fair play, is it?
  3. What does $1 million actually mean in terms of investment in a new technology? Considering Rossi is 100% financially covered to continue his work, $1 million is almost as little as change.
  4. If the Australian skeptic went public, then why not go grand with escrow money and proof of that? Why make the offer feel like yet another act of manipulation into making Rossi look bad?
  5. Dick Smith is a skeptic, so it comes natural for him to question the E-Cat. However, if all he wants is a proof of work, why this public association with Steven Krivit who uses every occasion he gets to accuse Rossi of fraud? Why hasn’t the offer been done through Ny Teknik or PESN for example?

What do you think? Was Rossi right to say No to such a “generous” offer?

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  1. AR is justified in turning down this offer, for all of the reasons you stated. It seems the Aussie is now trying to bolster his image, after having sullied it by acting like a person with his name would be expected to act.

    • Agreed. The offer was not in good faith.

      • Lets hope that the only man that will be put to shame will be this Dick Smith.  Better be him than the whole planet (by discovering that cold fusion – E-CAT is not even close of reliable product).

        • It doesn’t matter if Dick Smith will eventually be put to shame or not.

          It’s already clear (or it should be) that cold fusion is the future; LENR has been validated by many, including NASA scientists, so what we should be pursued is a working ECAT device, able to reflect the LENR premises and able to revolutionize the energy market. 

  2. ghjvb

  3. Rossi= scam artist

  4. The offer was not clownerie. It was a genuine offer and it has apparently been accepted by the Greek company Defkalion and is scheduled to take place shortly.  If successful, Defkalion will likely apply for a U.S. Patent for their device.  Rossi could have done the same thing very easily.

    • Apparently is the right word here. The whole world is looking forward for more working devices, so genuine investments in LENR are to be welcomed. 

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