ECat Home Units Reach 50k Preorders

Keeping a close eye to the discussions on the Journal of Nuclear Physics is a good way to stay in the loop with day-to-day developments on the ECat front.

In one of his latest announcements there, Andrea Rossi revealed that the ECat pre-order list has reached 50k:

Dear Christian Bistriceanu:
Your pre-order has been accepted. By the way: so far we received about 50,000 pre-orders and counting, which is not bad, for a product that has still to be described in details. Our 10,000 target has been burnt rapidly.
The E-Cat will be offered in details by tis Autumn and the shipments will start probably within the next winter, if we will have not delays for unforeseen problems. Surely we will start the shipments within 18 months from now.
You will be free to buy it wherever you want and send it wherever you want. You will be also able to buy it in Internet and we will provide you all the assistance you need.
Warm Regards,

50k is not shabby at all, proving yet again the obvious global interest in a reliable, long-term energy solution.

It’s worth noting that the Italian inventor clears some more shipping details related to the ECat home unit. While he’s initially stated that the working device would be ready for the market within one-two years, there have been discussions about the device going live on the market in the autumn of 2012.

From the comment above, it’s fairly safe to say that the autumn of 2012 is the milestone for certifications, developing a lean mass production solution and whatnot, while winter of 2013 is a good deadline for starting world wide shipment.

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  1. Where is the ordering information?

  2. Dear Sir,

    I want to preorder an e-cat with ower of 20 kw.

    What documents must fulfilled?

    Best regrds,

    Stefan Iordache

  3. Pre-order info is available at:

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