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The most common way of testing if something is true is by means of observing it at work. If it does indeed work, it’s good to go live. If it doesn’t, then it’s either a scam, or some kind of vanity attempt to steal someone’s thunder and no further testimony concerning its work is needed.

When it comes to the naked truth about the Energy Catalyzer of Andrea Rossi, it is hard to pinpoint its functionality on specific theoretical factors based on scientific grounds, as these are not exactly available.

So what’s the route then?

Due to his own reasons, Rossi is withholding his core catalyst information and the breakdown of his theory (should this be because he doesn’t fully understand it either?). And the fact that the ECat unit proved working in testing is hardly an enough valid criterion for some people.

One of the reasons behind keeping the catalyst secret is the lack of an international patent that would protect his technology from leaking, once it’s made public. It makes sense. However, Andrea Rossi needed something more tangible to make his word count, as secrets don’t convince die hard scientists – they need evidence, hard evidence at hand.

But ECat tests and experiments do. So far, there have been plenty:

  • Initial tests for Ampenergo, results unpublished, except a small sample shown by Mike McKubre in his presentation at Cafe Scientifique Silicon Valley;
  • Prof. Focardi has worked with Rossi and made his own tests, he says it works. Samples and data results are available in the early posts on the Journal of Nuclear Physics and at 22passi;
  • Prof. Stremmenos has made extensive tests, he says it works. Some data is available on old JONP posts;
  • Prof. Levi made a personal ecat test one year ago in February, he thinks it works;
  • Prof. Essen and Kullander made a test on March 29 in Bologna, they were positively impressed. Results got published.
  • experiments performed by Mats Lewan of Ny Teknik on April 19 and April 28; proof of excess heat obtained;
  • Public ECat demo on January 14 and October 6. Results published.
  • Semipublic successful test for an undisclosed customer on October 28;

There’s also what Rossi constantly says about the ECat home unit: let the people decide if it works after commercialization, let the sales testify to the truth and efficiency of the invention. Either a flop or a victory, when one claims to manufacture 1,000,000 pieces and deliver them to customers all over the world, it’s hard not to pay attention. So, the cat will be out of the bag soon, but until then, it becomes a bit pointless to really argue about the invention and its operability or the lack thereof.

Andrea Rossi has, however, shown the world that he is willing to go the distance and an extra mile in defending his brainchild. He knows that the truth could be also understood as a subjective and individual interpretation (hence the various teams of supporters, skeptics, lobbyists and interests spread all over the net). But of all the people, he is the only one who does know the truth about his invention, and if the ecat would not in fact work, what would he be losing?

Everything, really. His reputation, as the reputation of Sergio Focardi, who has been his faithful scientific consultant since the inception of E-Cats.

What about Christos Stremmenos, Giuseppe Levi, Sven Kullander, Hanno Essen and other brilliant minds that acknowledged the ECat workability even when they don’t fully understand the theoretical basis behind the device? And what about the faith of Rossi himself in his technology, faith so strong that caused him to sell his house in order to meet the deadline on the plant launch at the end of October?

This line of thinking does not make one a believer, but it’s hard to be a disbeliever simply because it does not click with what we’ve always known to be scientifically true. It’s true that in the ECat’s case there are still potential loopholes and it is fairly obvious that the issue will not be settled, until the unit either goes through an independent review or it gets successfully commercialized.

At the same time, think of the great minds whose theories got kicked out, only to become fully endorsed later. Added to the known ECat facts, there are still so many reasons to be positive and believe that we’re standing on the threshold of something majestic and groundbreaking.

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