Electricity – Main Focus For The E-Cat

February is supposed to be a big month in the world of the E-Cat. Andrea Rossi, his team, and his new U.S. partner are working hard to get the first Hot Cat factory built and delivered. Due to be installed this month, the public is eager to see the results of this great technology finally at work. In addition, this month or early March should see the release of the anticipated third party reports. There is no word, yet, as to where these reports will be released, and no further word concerning the peer reviews that were supposed to be done.

However, Andrea Rossi appears to be excited and optimistic about the plant delivery. On the Journal of Nuclear Physics, his blog, Luca Salvarani recently asked Mr. Rossi:

“Are there any progress on the electricity generation?”

Mr. Rossi said that this, now, is their main focus! Apparently, the Hot Cat has come far enough that Mr. Rossi has reached a point with his LENR technology that he is broadening his vision. Mr. Rossi has always had the goal of producing electricity, but has spent a great deal of R&D on the LENR process itself. It’s exciting to find that he is focusing on electrical generation now.

Mr. Rossi also agreed with Salvarani about the significance of February and March. Salvarani asked:

“Do you consider this period (February-March) with the upcoming report and the plant delivery, as the definitive breakthrough for your technology?”

The significant phrase here is “definitive breakthrough”. February should definitely see a definitive breakthrough of Mr. Rossi’s technology. As the new plant goes online and proves its worth, the breakthrough may be more in the lines of crashing through the media blackout. Mr. Rossi has always said that the E-Cat will speak for itself. Soon, we will see.

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