Experts in LENR

Andrea Rossi recently had an exchange with Drew, a poster on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, concerning who is doing the 3rd party report on the E-Cat. His question was:

“If I may ask, are the 3rd party…

  1. Recognized experts in the LENR field
  2. totally out of this field
  3. a combination of the above”

Rossi’s response was that:

“They are scientists, mainly with Physics Doctorate.”

That is encouraging if they are not pre disposed to discrediting a new science. The Lund scientists, for instance, consider LENR to be nothing more than magic tricks to be performed in a circus, according to the interview they did for SWT. If, however, the physicists involved are some of those with some experience with LENR and cold fusion, such as Christos Stremmenos, Sergio Focardi, Sven Kullander, or Hanno Essen, or any number of American physicists that have been working on LENR, the chance of a more objective report is greater.

It’s not necessarily likely that physicists involved in LENR will deliberately skew the results in Rossi’s favor, as they would further damage the reputation of their work with a false positive report. Opponents to LENR, however, would have an agenda to promote.

As to Rossi’s view of the experts that Drew referred to was quite refreshingly blunt:

“By the way: what do you mean ‘recognized experts in LENR’? Is around somebody enough stupid to define himself ‘recognized expert in LENR’? Recognized by whom? Find me a guy recognized by somebody as an expert of LENR, I will find you 1 million guys that will not recognize him as such and another million that do not recognize LENR AT ALL. Is it really so difficult to understand that the sole recognized thing that counts is the recognition of a Customer who uses a plant? The director of the validation has been chosen by a Customer of us, and the team and the reviewers have been chosen by the director. The peer reviewers of the magazine, obviously, have been chosen by the magazine and we do not know who they are.”

It would be unceasingly frustrating to think that the whole of your work is dependent on anonymous people who may or may not believe what they see in operation, who can even be trusted with the testing. Rossi has to express a great deal of faith in the people testing his product.

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  1. Interesting that a blatant fraud artist is currently dominating (in this most ultimate of silly venues) a science that will undoubtedly transform the earthly world….

    I guess this is how it all starts out,… wondering if I should abandon my stockpiles of Palladium until this is all over.


    Guess its time to try some other investments,… Hahaha

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