How Attainable A $500 E-cat Unit Really Is?

Analyzing the $500 Buying Price of the E-Cat
It has now been announced by Italian inventor Andrea Rossi that the price of the soon to be launched E-Cat heaters for home use is pegged at $500 each. This pricing stirred various discussions and sectors (an interesting discussion on this issue is running on Vortex mailing list) who state that the Low Energy Nuclear Reactor powered device couldn’t be sold for less than four times this price.

Why is the $500 cost of an E-Cat unit believable and reasonable?
The main disadvantages of the Rossi energy catalyzer device are that some people may still have some problems believing that it really works and it is a new product that needs getting used to.

On the other hand, the controversial cold fusion technology powered energy catalyzer device can also be manufactured at low cost. For one thing, the E-Cat core cell is not expensive and the rest of the energy catalyzer device including the metal cabinets, controls, thermostat and wiring are not that expensive either.

Let’s admit that the E-Cat saves huge amounts of money for the user, over the long term, but it has yet to break into an existing market (the ones of boilers and home furnaces). Elementary, it is better to introduce the Rossi ECat device in the general market by using price points of competing products.

In fact, in order to gain traction and popularity of the masses, it is likely that a new device would try to undercut the competition with lower product prices that would attract millions of customers, hence a larger market share.

At a price of $2,000, not many people could afford the ECat device. On the contrary, it would only be available to the rich, who are wealthy enough that it does not matter to them if they save money or not.

So $500 sounds more close to the real price, if you take into account that the device is supposed to be a mass energy solution and not just a niche device. Plus, let’s keep in mind that since the first Ecat demonstrations back in 2011, Andrea Rossi has always insisted that he wants many people to benefit from the clean and safe energy catalyzer.

A $500 Ecat home unit is the chance he has to fulfill this promise.

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  1. Seriously?  Have you ever been to a dollar store?

    The e-cat may be many things but it surely is not the most complicated device in the world.  Have you seen AR original prototypes?

    The reactor (key part) is nothing but a heating element inside a tube.  The only moving part might be for loading/cleaning/pressurizing.  AR himself said the size may get as small as a cigar box.

    It may be a new technology however the components are simple.  Students may make them as first shop class projects.

    $500 ?  It may sound like a bargain if you can save $10000, but when you sit there and look at what you bought you will be like ..  Really?

    I understand AR has costs to recover, and a home to replace.  I hope he does make a tidy profit, but even $500 will seem steep in a few years.

    Look at how much it must cost to build one.

    a) lead shielding will be the most expensive part most likely.  Let’s say you needed a lot of it.  $20-50 maybe, based on $!/pound.  

    b) You also need a reactor that has a heating coil inside.  Let’s pretend that costs $10 to mass produce.

    c)  You would need pipes/meters/hoses.  Let’s pretend these all costed $75

    There is no reason for the e-cat to cost $500 except to yield 400% profit per unit.

    Now if he wants to make a real profit then he should attach an electrical generator to it as well.  Then it would be worth the $500.  I may just build my own or get the black market Chinese version.

    • The article was meant to answer those critics that say $500 is too cheap and that it’s impossible to have the ECat home unit on the market for less than $1.5-2k a piece.

      • Yes!.  I hope this article helps AR and others realize that there will be competition.  How would you even go about outlawing a black market e-cat?

        There can be no black market e-cat sniffing dogs.  If you got pulled over with one in your car it would be legal.  I understand that AR wants to compete, but can he really?

    • My friend,
      How about adding a price tag on the electronics that will monitor and control the e-cat…  Sensors will also have to be installed inside the unit…  

      • I allowed $75 (the most) for “meters”/tubing.  That meant electronics.  There is not much electronics needed.  I stand by the dollar store comment.  I see dollar store items with meters attached.

  2. In my opinion, the “500 dollar e-cat” is more about the factory.  If Rossi and company design an automated factory that is capable of producing a million units a year, then that factory can be cloned elsewhere, resulting in near exponencial growth of production.  Only by heavily automating and producing a lot of units can the price be that low – which means that jaw dropping rate of production will be operative in each successful factory opening.

    Hopefully we can all agree that if the e-cat performs as advertised, demand will be MUCH more than Rossi will be able to fill for years even if he carries his Herculian production pace over to factories as well as e-cats per factory.

    I doubt investment capital for building more factories will be a problem after the first one starts pouring out home LENR generators like sausages.

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