In Pursuit Of Electric Power Production Over Space Applications

On numerous occasions the statements of Andrea Rossi have been taken to mean what he never said or they were taken out of context or misunderstood and thus misinterpreted. Especially since English is not the mother tongue of the Italian inventor, it should be taken into consideration that some things may not be what they seem and may not actually read the way they seem to read. On top of that, there have been quite a few discussions in the realm of the what-if scenarios, where it is speculated about what would happen once the ECat technology hits the general market.

One of such speculations has been E-Cat fusion in relation to space applications, where there is hardly a limit to what can be done with the help of LENR technology, which is believed to be basically limitless. Now that the Siemens turbines are employed for the production of electricity, hoped to be achieved in the future, the second generation of domestic E-Cats seem like the “it thing” – employing this feature that will have already been attained by then.

It is true that some things are even hard to fathom when it comes to the application of such technology, the technology of E-Cat fusion, but most of the speculations and projections and prognoses are not issued by Rossi himself or any of the voices directly linked to his developments.

When, on the other hand, the Italian father of Energy Catalyzers was actually asked about such applications of his technology

– “Are you interested to support space application with you technology? In case [you are], would you like to be contacted? Or are you already in contact with NASA or ESA.”

– he sounded rather indifferent to the glory that this path may bestow on him in time. As opposed to many glory-seekers, looking for the big and the loud and the magnificent, Rossi seems to be concerned for the everyday and the necessary and the practical functionalities of his device:

“I am not interested, at the moment, in air and space applications… For now we have, as a priority, the production of electric power…”

He also adds a very interesting comment to the matter of space applications – “I am convinced that these kind of applications are very far in the time.”

Many people keep saying that these are at hand, whereas the inventor who has the operation cold fusion devices – Energy Catalyzers – says they “are very far in time,” whereas the electric production is his first priority.

Maybe it’s time to take Rossi’s words as such and before jumping some steps and foreseeing the future with space no longer a final frontier, we should understand the present with its down-to-earth technologies and devices aimed to make our daily lives easier and more comfortable.

It makes sense taking things one step at a time. Including the ECat. What do you think?

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  1. I agree, this is an interesting emphasis that lends credibility to Rossi’s stance. Very interesting to see that he is now stating that a 1 MW plant constructed in Florida will shortly be on display to the public. If he follows through with this, it will greatly enhance his credibility. I get the distinct feeling that Rossi and Defkalion are jousting with one another as if each one has something very real.

  2. In the latest interview given to Oil Price, Rossi re-confirmed that the ECat plant will soon be on display to the public. Provided this will happen, it will give him a huge market advantage.

  3. “One step at a time” is an absurde philosophy in our new world where “Parallelisms” are legion. Further, each result reinforces each other.

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