Is Communication About the E-Cat Important?

Andrea Rossi & Sterling Allan

Andrea Rossi, inventor of the E-Cat LENR unit, is notoriously closed-mouthed about his invention. There are many very valid reasons for this. For one, Rossi has already had experience with a government that moved in on his work and razed it for its own profit. He also has had his share of betrayal from partners who take ideas co-developed with Rossi and start their own companies.

Most recently, the Italian government has criticized Rossi’s technology, deeming that it needs further inspection. This has prompted Rossi to abandon plans to build a manufacturing facility in Italy.

Considering the difficulty in obtaining international patents, Rossi is very wise, in some ways, to remain reticent in communications about his LENR device. Cold fusion is being studied and explored by many scientists, and he must protect his intellectual property. However, there are some steps Rossi could take to communicate more efficiently when he does open up.

Mills and Allen, in their tongue-in-cheek “10 Commandments for Exotic Energy Inventors”, make some very valid points about communication. One of the main aspects of communicating complicated processes, according to Mills and Allen, is to use standard terminology. This, however, is sometimes hard for inventors.

Inventors are kind of their own separate entity from the scientific world. Scientists are very deliberate, changing one thing at a time about their experiment, and recording each and every action and reaction. Inventors, not to pigeonhole anyone, tend to tweak and test. They can get so caught up in the process that they don’t take time to record the entire procedure. They also may not take the textbook stand when referring to the various processes they engage. The inventor may make up their own terms for measurement and reactions taking place.

Breakthrough technology does require new vocabulary, and some of the exotic energies don’t exactly follow established and well-known laws of physics. But, use of standard terminology will help communicate the desired information in a more understandable way. It will also help the inventor in the realm of credibility. Rossi does seem to demonstrate a full scientific understanding of the LENR process, so hopefully, when he is ready to present his technology publicly, the entire community of scientists will be able to accept it.

Inventors also need to be able to communicate their facts in a layman’s way. That means he can make someone understand it, even if the person has no knowledge of physics. Rossi has actually done this when he referred to the E-Cat as a water heater. That immediately informs the listener/reader of the basic operation of the E-Cat, although it is an understatement of the potentials of the device.

Rossi can do this quite well, when he slows down long enough. And all the supporters on JONP are a proof of that.

There’s still, of course, the question of how much or how little should an inventor such as Rossi “leak out” to the general public before the full theorization of his innovative technology, and it would be interesting to know what do you think about the E-Cat communication aspect?

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