Italy’s Role In The E-Cat

Latest changes in the Leonardo Corp. have shaken up some of the people who follow the development of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat. The information that an anonymous U.S. party has purchased the E-Cat technology raised some questions, rather than filling us with confidence. Those who live in Italy are sad to se their native son sell this t4echnology to the U.S. One poster, Gherardo, on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, told Rossi:

“I did have an hope that with your invention Italy could have a major role in production and development of a breakthrough technology. I’m quite sad because Italy has inventors but money and production goes abroad and we’ll have to be migrants again. What is the new situation for Italy’s jobs after the invention sale to US?”

Rossi’s answer was:

“In Italy we will maintain an R&D Center and the production of prototypes.”

At the same time, the first Hot Cat that Andrea Rossi is building will be delivered in February. With the secrecy surrounding purchases, building, and deployment of E-Cats, we all wonder just where the Hot Cat will installed. Michelangelo De Meo asked recently on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

“Dear ing. Rossi is impossible to know where it will be installed the Hot Cat? In Italy or in the U.S.? While in Italy in which area?”

Rossi replied it would be installed in the USA. He did not specify which area of the United States in which the unit will be installed. However, every little bit of news is interesting. The fact that the first working model of the Hot Cat will be within the U.S. carries quite a bit of information with it. For one, it means that this industrial unit has been purchased by an American company, which we were not sure of. Also, for the plant to be operational in the U.S., it means the certifications are, indeed completed, and the technology is approved for use in at least in either industrial or military settings. This is, indeed big news, as we know that to get permission to put anything of this power to use in the U.S. is a major achievement.

While Italy may have missed out on the first installation of the Hot Cat, it is still a big step forward, to understate the situation.

So, it appears that Rossi’s plans are continuing to unfold as he had hoped. He had said before that manufacturing would probably take place in the U.S. Now, he has assured the Italians that his R&D, in conjunction with the universities in that country, presumably, will continue. In addition, the prototypes being tested by the scientists and third parties will be produced in Italy, still.

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  1. another false dawn,ecat is all lies.

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