LENR Workshop In Italy: Highlights & Discussions

Piazza del Campo, Siena | ISCMNS 2005

The 10th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen and Loaded Metals started on April 10 up to April 14 in Siena, Italy. The participants of this Low Energy Nuclear Reaction seminar included Francesco Celani, Dr. Peter Hagelstein of MIT and Prof. Francesco Piantelli. It is sponsored by Nichenergy, which is a company founded to sell Prof. Piantelli’s device, who is scheduled to give a presentation in the conference this Saturday on April 14.

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The goals of the workshop include the meeting together of experts from all over the world to discuss high temperature gas loading as a promising technology and its reliably to create thermal and nuclear anomalies. This topic will be lectured and discussed in the workshop with emphasis on experimental innovation as well as methods, instrumentation, diagnostics and theory. Afternoon discussions will also be done on topics of interest including explanations for the anomalies.

Professor Francesco Piantelli is considered a very important entity in the studies and experiments of nickel-hydrogen cold fusion or Low Energy Nuclear Reaction. The works of Italian E-Cat inventor Andrea Rossi are largely influenced by Piantelli’s research.

It is hoped that in this LENR conference, Piantelli will finally make public the results and progress of his ongoing LENR research. In July 2011, his associate Roy Virgilio gave a summary of his work and that was it. This Saturday, it is expected that he will discuss his progress on LENR after almost a year of silence.

As the conference was held, experiments are also being performed in a laboratory near Siena, Italy. Older units of LENR are continuously working continuously for months and are said to produce two to four times of energy gain. And the actual energy balance was said to be higher. And this is because the cells have already reached a self-sustaining mode. Anonymous sources say that the older LENR units have been working in self-sustaining mode for a long period of time.

In fact, many of these older devices were just recently reactivated after some maintenance was performed on them. And it is widely believed that they haven’t been pushed yet to high excess energy levels. In addition, new units with new fuel will soon be completed and are expected to produce two hundred times of energy gain.

Piantelli’s theory does not involve ‘unknown’ reactions and it can be explained by using known physics and mathematics. The University of Sienna is also expected to publish a semi-complete theory which is probably after the first commercial Piantelli LENR units have already been sold. This is an interesting development to follow along Rossi’s ongoing work to commercialize his own LENR device: the E-Cat.

Rumors say that a US government agency is involved with Piantelli’s project. They have the opportunity to review the research and are expected to validate and certify his reactor when the right time comes. They are also to contribute to its development. In addition, Piantelli’s group is said to be talking with many large industrial corporations to develop LENR generators.

Piantelli currently holds many EU LENR patents and he has applied for several more and there have been discussions whether Rossi’s E-Cat is in any way related to Pianteill’s existing patents. Some are even expecting a legal battle at some point between Franceso Piantelli and Andrea Rossi.

This is an interesting development in the field of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, as it emphasizes the huge potential of this technology and the importance of being the first to have a working device on the market.

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  1. “…there have been discussions whether Rossi’s E-Cat is in any way related to Pianteill’s existing patents. Some are even expecting a legal battle at some point between Franceso Piantelli and Andrea Rossi.”

    Perhaps Rossi can show substantial improvements on the Ni/H reactor and avoid a patent lawsuit? Piantelli is not using a catalist.

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