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On his blog, the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi recently answered some questions about his staffing as he works on the E-Cat and the Hot Cat. Rossi informed poster Joseph A. that he has 27 engineers currently working on the E-Cat technology being developed in his labs. Some of the engineers involved work for the suppliers. He also said that about 70% of the work force lives in North America.

When Joseph A. asked Rossi about expanding the workforce to include technical sales staff, and to keep innovation alive and well at Leonardo Corp., Rossi replied:

“I am constantly observing all the very smart persons around, I choose our brains on the battlefield. All our brains have been chosen this way.”

This is a good indication that the engineers and scientists working with Rossi have “earned their stripes” so to speak, in real world applications.

Finally, Rossi confirmed, once again, that the domestic E-Cat is still under certification.

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  1. Only a few days ago the lab force was 63 persons……….?

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