Limitations on Manufacturing E-Cats

Andrea Rossi and his team are currently manufacturing a 1MW power plant for February delivery somewhere in the U.S. This has anticipation at an all-time high, as those who have followed his work anticipate full public disclosure of this remarkable technology. Once the unit has been in operation for a while, it will “go public”, so to speak.

At last count, there were over 1 million domestic units on order. Unfortunately, the domestic units have been put on hold pending proof of the technology through use of the industrial units.

A poster on the Journal of Nuclear Physics recently asked Mr. Rossi how many units he plans to manufacture in 2013 and 2014.

Mr. Rossi’s answer was typically short:

“As much as the market will ask for.”

With the new U.S. partner for Leonardo Corp., and the plans of this partner to build manufacturing plants, we would like to know the capacity these plants. We can assume from this answer, as well as other comments made by Andrea Rossi, that the U.S. partner is prepared to build manufacturing facilities sufficient for demand. Let’s hope that they do not overestimate their abilities once the technology proves itself.

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  1. when I asked him that question I was hoping for some real numbers.oh well.

    • Do you believe that he has clear numbers? Its likely that what his current estimates are going to be different than the real ones. It all depends of the outcome and results of his first public plant, don’t you think?

  2. I didn’t expect him to publicize precise numbers, but any good business has goals with numbers attached even if they end up not being realized. he and his US parent company know 2 things: 1) what they have and 2) the size of the potential market. so yes, I believe they know, roughly, how many they will probably manufacture.

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