More tests In Store For the E-Cat

Third Party testing of the E-Cat was done last fall. While Andrea Rossi had hoped that the results of the testing would be made public in December, he was told that it would be closer to February before the team would be ready to publish their results.

Apparently, however, there are still being tests performed, and these tests will require verification tests. According to Mr. Rossi:

“We do not know exactly when the tests, that are still in the making, will be finished, Lately I have been informed that more tests will be made to be sure of the results, repeating again the tests. … We can assist to the tests, but we cannot make any operation during the tests.”

Mr. Rossi also says that the report itself will be published independently from the results of the tests. However, there is still no word on the time and location of these publications, rumors pushing them to early March. One has to wonder if the original test results that were completed in the fall will be published as promised, or if everything will have to wait until all tests are re-done and verified – verification of the verification, so to speak. As usual, it is easy to think that these endless delays are political ploys to keep Mr. Rossi’s invention out the hands of the general public. But Andrea Rossi, ever trusting, says:

“The reason for which all these scientists are making these tests and for which their Universities are paying the expenses is merely scientific.”

Let’s hope he is right. The science of his work being proven will, hopefully, open the door to increased production of E-Cat units and the beginning of a change to renewable energy.

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  1. Unbelievable, the verifiers are now being verified. Guys sh-t or get off the pot.

  2. Such a (presumably) credible third-party verification of the E-Cat (i.e. LENR) technology would be a paradigm change in terms of both consensus reality (although we all know that there are some hard-headed “skeptics” that will cast doubt on it), and in terms of the market (LENR promises to up-end valuations of assets in the energy industry).

    Once the main-stream media can cite a credible third-party verification of the E-Cat (i.e. LENR), they can start to prime people to this game changing technology emerging. It is going to get hot quick, but who knows what will set off the media frenzy. Frankly, it could hinge on whether it is a slow news day when the report emerges, or if there is another story sucking up the media oxygen.

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