On Public Tests And E-Cat Demonstrations To Come

Recently, the University of Bologna stated that it is currently not involved in any testing of the E-Cats built by Andrea Rossi and they said that they would only do the tests if they were the ones allowed to publish the findings.

Well, it has been assumed all along by some that the findings would be published by the University of Bologna in October. If this is not the university that conducts the tests, then who is? And, will the testing university be the one to publish the findings?

Rossi addressed this confusion, to a certain degree, on his Journal of Nuclear Physics. He says that there are 3 different universities that are candidates to do the validation and publication. Since he is under a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA, and cannot name the specific university that will perform the validation and publication. However, with 3 universities willing to do the work, he says that if one university backs out, there are others willing to step in and perform the tasks. He does not comment, however, on whether the U. of B. is one of the 3 universities involved.

Rossi also stated that the Universities have their own rules, and make their own decisions, and that he and, presumably, the Leonardo Corp. have no control over what the universities decide. He does confirm that the validations will be done in October, and a detailed report released at that time. This report will be:

“The rigorous publication deriving from the third party validation…within October by a university…made by the professors who will make the validation.”

However, at the end of the response, Rossi says:

“I am under a strict NDA for this test, whose results will be published in the context of the Certificator’s work, not of the Universities.”

This might sound a bit confusing. If the test results must be released by only the certifiers, then the universities lose out on the publication – unless it is their professors who are doing the certification. So apparently, if the certifiers are the ones who get to publish the results of the test, the universities are not interested in participating in the tests – which seems rather short sighted. As with so many changes to the status quo, jockeying for position appears to be more important than true change.

Either way, the only clear thing seems to be that an official third party validation is to be performed and reported in October.

Rossi also said that the tests performed on July 16th and on August 6th were:

 “basically for the product certification in course for the Hot Cats. This report will be published by technical and specialistic publications after the 9th of September, by the scientific journalists who will attend the meeting.”

This is the test that Col. Fioravanti observed and reported on. Fioravanti is the independent observer who has been on hand for demonstrations to certify the industrial E-Cat, which will have its official test and certification in October. The July 16th test, which Fioravanti attended, was observed by “6 professors of 2 universities”, according to Rossi. However, it was a preparatory test rather than an official public demonstration.


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  1. Just how much of this double talk will we put up wth?

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