Prometeon Goes Live

Prometeon is the Italian licensee for Andrea Rossi’s E-Cats and Hot Cats, and it has now gone live on the internet. This is in tandem with Rossi’s announcement that the first 1MW Hot Cat plant will go online in February of next year. The anticipation is palpable as we watch this development unfold. The E-Cat has come so far in just 6 months, from a 1 MW water heating plant and a small, domestic “water heater” as described by Andrea Rossi himself, to a 1 MW Hot Cat power plant capable of generating enough heat to turn steam turbines, creating electricity. And, the Hot Cat itself caught most of it by surprise this summer, as only insiders to Rossi would have know about the work in that area.

Prometeon is now marketing 5 different E-Cat products at its website, and is developing the site in English as well as Italian. The 5 products are:

  1. 1 MW electrical plant: produces up to 120 degrees C, especially useful in areas where there is not gas supply. Valuable for producing some of the most energy efficient heat on the planet.
  2. 1 MW gas plant: This is the same plant mentioned above, except it is capable of operating with gas power rather than electricity. This plant offers even greater savings on energy bills.
  3. Industrial E-Cat: to be marketed by summer of 2013. An Electric Stand Alone unit that will produce surplus electricity that will keep the E-Cat running in self sustained mode, after the initial power up. This is recommended for utility companies and industrial applications.
  4. Hot Cat: The first one to be delivered in February of next year. A 1MW plant capable of producing high temperatures and producing electricity. Recommended for industrial and utility companies.
  5. Thermal-Electric E-Cat: This plant is under development, and will provide heat and electricity in industrial applications.

Prometeon does not mention any pricing on their website, yet, but does offer a payment plan of up to 4 years. It also seems that the prices will be negotiable. Prometion, in stating delivery times, says:

“For products already on the market, is max. 4 months from the order, unless saturation of the production capacity for large orders, in which case the time may be longer.”

Of course, many people are a bit critical that Rossi has seemed to wait on his domestic E-Cats, in favor of developing the “golden child” Hot Cat. However, Rossi himself has stated many times that the road to certifying the domestic E-Cat is no longer in his hands and probably lies in successful functioning of the larger industrial and commercial plants. Since this is an emerging technology, certification authorities are reluctant to put a stamp of approval on something that anyone that walks into Home Depot can take home and tinker with.

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