Rossi Still On With Siemens

On his blog, Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi stated just recently that Siemens is really excited about the developments surrounding the Hot Cat. At 600 degrees Celsius, the Hot Cat can produce steam. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this temperature is that Rossi says they have about 50% efficiency!

However, that is not all. Rossi said that they have reached 1200 degrees Celsius. At this point, he says his friends at Siemens “became lyric”. To the American ear, this is almost humorous, to think of a bunch of scientists singing in joy, but the truth is that this is certainly something to sing about. The recent developments with independent verification of the Hot Cat, and ongoing certifications of the domestic E-Cat  show that there is movement in the cold fusion and LENR science, now more than ever.

Siemens is the company working with Rossi’s lab to develop steam turbines that can work with his E-Cats to produce electricity and obviously enough, the possibility of producing electricity totally free from the input of fossil fuels or from nuclear fission is capturing the imaginations of many.

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  1. Sorry to rain on your parade, but perhaps the only hot air Mr. Rossi is producing is the one that comes out of his mouth: There is no announcement whatsoever from Siemens that they are co-working with Rossi. Think.

  2. Agreed ArnoNyhm. And if you pressed Rossi about it, no doubt he’d default to his standard evasive response, that a NDA binds him to secrecy.

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