Rossi’s Timeline Progressing

Skeptics about Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat  technology constantly complain about the delays that accompany release of information about his work. In doing so, they miss the enormous strides forward that this technology has taken.

Remember, it was barely one year ago that Rossi first demonstrated his original E-Cat unit. While one or two of the members of the group that watched the demonstration were skeptical about what they observed, the bottom line is that there was a customer convinced to buy the prototype and order a dozen more.

Rossi had hopes, at that time, that his domestic E-Cat would be available on the general market early this year. His hopes were foiled. The certification of domestic units was far more intensive than he had anticipated, and after dealing with the issue for the first few months of this year, he came to realize that the domestic units would not be available any time soon. He stated the fact on the JONP. Repeatedly, over months, he has repeated that he believes that the industrial units will have to prove the validity of LENR power before the domestic versions will be certified for public release. While this is a drawback for the home e-cat going on sale, it doesn’t mean that Rossi has lied to anyone.

In the meantime, during the summer of this year, Rossi started working the Hot Cat. Maybe he already had the idea and the foundation for the work before this summer, or perhaps the Hot Cat was the result of developing the E-Cat. Rossi seems to be in a constant state of invention, tweaking and modifying his inventions, readily changing whatever needs to be changed to take his work to the next level.

Some people seem to think that Rossi abandoned the domestic E-Cat. Others say that Rossi is being pragmatic. There is nothing more he can do to the domestic version, until the technology is proven in the industrial setting. While one might say that he is pursuing “big money”, it is highly likely that Rossi would make much more money on domestic models that would be distributed to billions of homes across the globe. So, move on, Rossi, and work on that Hot Cat.

Indeed, this move has paid off for LENR as a whole. Skeptics don’t mention that in their criticism. They also don’t mention that the 1 MW industrial plant has been certified. All they focus on is that no one knows who the customers are, and that they haven’t seen one of the plants in action. However, customers who have bought the 1 MW units have bought more, and Rossi has taken on a “very big” partner in the U.S.

The Hot Cat was being tested before we even knew it was a reality. If Rossi was attempting to deceive anyone, the Hot Cat is something he could have dragged out for months, even years. Now, his team is building a unit to install in February.

Others see the continued secrecy surrounding catalysts, testing entities, test results, and other aspects of R&D as suspicious. Most of this criticism seems to come from scientists who believe in open exchange of ideas. While that might work in academic circles, in commerce, the opposite is true. Let Rossi have his secrets. He continues to move forward in his work, developing new systems even as the old ones are being studied. In just 14 months, Rossi has moved his R&D from a domestic water heater to a Hot Cat capable of producing enough power to generate electricity. There is not much to criticize, there, is it?

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  1. what “enormous strides” has Rossi taken?
    Other than what “Rossi says”?
    An enormous stride would be independent verification
    of his “Ecat” or the actual sale of an “Ecat” to a verified customer!

  2. What is the difference between the e-cat and the hot e-cat more than the temperature? Is it the same process? I doubt that because the temperature must be related to the process. Someone should know this at least more than I do. Has Rossi invented/discovered two unknown processes, and where is the earlier work describing it?

  3. Andrea Rossi’s last demonstration went unstable after 18 hours. He did not admit it at the time, but through sources such as Defkalion we learned his ecat was unstable.

    He has made claims it is stable. He makes claims that is runs hotter.

    He appears to be behind on the patent race, as Piantelli and NASA have verified patents pending, however the Rossi camp always has an excuse why they cannot get a patent.

    I know LENR is real, and even suspect Rossi might be truthful, but when it goes to court he will have no leg to stand on.

    Who invented the Radio? Many think Marconi, but Tesla one the court decision saying it was him who invented it.

    Personally I am very tired of Andrea Rossi making unsubstantiated claims, and his determined efforts to bring this to market in such a secretive and profitable fashion.

    LENR has the possibilities to reverse global warming. The middle east will need to become “friendlier” once their oil stops selling and they are forced to compete in global markets. Imagine 600 million less cars and trucks on the road creating pollution. Imagine breathing crisp country air in downtown Los Angeles.

    LENR can save lives through Desalination, Pollution control, and curbing global warming, yet the Andrea Rossi’s of the world only see dollar signs in front of their eyes. He reminds me of Mr Burns of the Simpsons preparing to count his money.

    I like money as well, but if something could save a single life I would sign away my technology to open source and be happy if a school or two get named after me.

  4. We have no proof that Rossi has made any strides whatsoever. We just have “Rossi says”. Has anyone ever seen the Hot-Cat. Do we know who the “customers” are? Do we know who the “independent validator” is? What ever happened to the third party report that was supposed to have been published in October and the November and now December? Whatever happened to the early e-cat that was supposedly warming his “factory” in Italy? Maybe he has something. Maybe he doesn’t. At this late stage, I’d bet on the latter, because after I catch someone lying or distorting facts or repeatedly failing to deliver on promises, I stop trusting that person.

    Rossi could demonstrate his apparatus under the supervision of a qualified and truly independent third party observer WITHOUT giving away his “secret sauce”. A test demonstrating substantial over-unity heat production would be earth shattering, even if the the process is unstable. Unstable + money + engineering = stable. The money would POUR in to Rossi’s enterprise after only one irrefutable demonstration. Why hasn’t he done that? Here we are almost 14 months after the questionable October 2011 test and nothing to show for it.

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