Rumor Mills Spread Words on Rossi’s Terminated Partnership with the University of Bologna


Is it a coincidence that almost every time something arguable happens on the ECat front, the source of the news is Steven Krivit of New Energy Times? Now, once again, it’s him who reported that the partnership between Andrea Rossi and his longterm partner in science, the University of Bologna, has been terminated.

Apparently, Dario Braga the Director of Scientific Research at the University. told Krivit that the school’s contract with Rossi has been off since January 15, because Rossi had not made a “first progress” payment.

Interestingly enough, the above rumor has been started only several days after Andrea Rossi’s interview about partners and competitors with and only one day after he stated that the preorder list for ECat home units reached 50k.

During his interview for held on January 12,  he stated that he’s working with two undisclosed universities and scientists to make sure that

“when our product will be on the market, it will be safe and will work properly.”

Not to mention the entire friendly history with both Universities of Bologna (in Italy) and Uppsala (in Sweden) and (retired) professors from both the educational institutions (Sergio Focardi, Sven Kullander, just to name a few ) who were present and witnessed many ECat tests, last year.

Furthermore, Andrea Rossi visited Boston in November 2011 and it’s possible he’s been in contact with Universities there (both Harvard and/or MIT would fit the bill of such a prominent discovery just right), too.

Because he’s always tried to keep the ECat developments and partnerships as private as possible for fear of unleashing the commercial secret of his invention, it’s not surprising to see how the rumor mill tries to take advantage, in yet another attempt to discredit Rossi.

It’s true that Andrea Rossi might slightly change and adapt his business strategies and priorities based on his financial power, partners and sense of urgency to start mass producing ECats asap. But this is business as usual for any company that strives to float in the crazy economy nowadays.

Just like with any other great invention, Rossi needs a lot of help to reach his aims. So before listening to random gossip, check it against at least 3 other sources and use your own brain to decide between what’s real and what’s just dust in the wind.

 UPDATED (from NyTeknik) :

On Tuesday it was reported that the University of Bologna had terminated its relationship with Rossi regarding the paid research collaboration on the Ecat that was planned to begin since last summer. Ny Teknik reported on this collaboration in March 2011.

The University has now stated that the contract signed in June 2011 between the Department of Physics and Rossi was terminated due to failure to meet the conditions of the terms.However, the University also pointed out that the Department of Physics is still available with its experience and its equipment to carry out independent measurements on the production of heat by the E-cat.

The University’s Deputy President Dario Braga added that he is also open to new proposals with commissioned research on the technology.

Rossi told Ny Teknik that:

“the work of the University of Bologna has already started with meetings together with National Instruments to prepare the whole system analysis.”

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