Scientific Institutions Involved in Ni+H reactions. E-Cat Still Ahead?

The list of reputable scientific institutions that have done Ni+H experiments is quite impressive and includes: The University of Missouri–Kansas City, the Department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering, University of Illinois, the University of Siena, Italy, the USAF, the SRI, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Italy) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Members of these respected institutions have already publicly declared that they have also achieved anomalous heat from the Ni + H reaction.

Scientists have the obligation to prove their public statements, so there’s no wonder the same is requested from Rossi – who’s less of a classic scientist and more of an inventor who might have just luckily stumbled upon a scientific energy breakthrough.

The fact is that Andrea Rossi has an E-Cat device that works (as attested in various demos by various scientists). For the sake of debate, let’s forget (for a second) about the scientific principles behind his device. His 1 Megawatt plant is on sale, while Leonardo Corporation is in the process of commercialization of the 10 KW Rossi energy catalyzer device for home use. This means that the inventor has a whole lot of work to do, in order to get his device ready for commercial sales. Another public demonstration and independent tests would only encourage competition, which is certainly one of the things that he does not need at the moment.

By not making any step towards independent tests, it gives Rossi a competitive advantage. It is a fact that public demonstrations do cost time and money which are better spent in the E-Cat industrial factory development. Rossi has done a number of demonstrations in the past, and those have produced more and more criticism and support alike.

One important fact is that Rossi is also no PR man, nor a marketing specialist. He’s an engineer and a businessman. As such, it’s understandable that he finds no obligation to explain his invention to the scientific community and he leaves it for the world to acknowledge his invention. What he has to do is get the patent and the certification for the Rossi energy catalyzer for home use, so that he can go ahead with the industrial commercialization of the LENR powered device.

A working device is, beyond any question, what takes one or another institution or scientist ahead. But what happens if the first working Ni + H energy device is independently developed by someone who’s not a pure-bred scientist?

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  1. I think you do the whole subject a disservice by not mentioning that nanoparticles feature in most of the mentioned experiments.

    Everyone seems very keen on talking up the nickel hydrogen part, and often seem to want to ignore the nanoparticle part (which may well be the most novel and important factor).

    • The point was not to detail on the experiments themselves (and you’re right about the importance of nano-particles), but to showcase that there are many important institutions and scientists alike experimenting and trying to figure out how to use LENR in the day to day life.

      And that it’s possible that the energy breakthrough could be the glance of genius, or the lucky strike of a scientific world outsider.

  2. What is most curious to me is that all these institutions have apparently either had their research sitting on a shelf gathering dust, or are all magically coming to fruition simultaneously.

    Giving coincidence it’s due, I lean toward the institutionalized shelving of technologies which compete with their primary funding strategies.

    Demanding gentlemen of institutional knowledge, you had your chance and shelved it, now its time to get the hell out of the way.

    • The technologies that are transparent and reach the large public are likely 5-10 years behind what’s tested and developed behind closed doors.

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