Secrecy, Leaks And The Hot-Cat

Andrea Rossi & Domenico Fioravanti

The cold fusion and LENR world has been in turmoil lately because of some information leaked about Andrea Rossi’s Hot Cat. Rossi has repeatedly rebuffed any efforts of people to get information – even the tiniest bit – about the testing, verification, and certification of his E-Cats. In fact, it came to a surprise to most of those keeping up with his progress to discover that he had successfully completed a verification test on July 16. The test was of the industrial unit that has been adapted to perform at extremely high temperatures. This unit is called the Hot Cat.

According to a very thorough report on the issue on the PESN site, Cures reported that:

“… the average external temperature of the module was E-Cat was 801 degrees Celsius, with a peak local temperature of 873C in one spot. This was recorded by the infrared camera. The temperature of the inner surface was measured (with the handheld laser thermometer) to be from 1,100C to 1,200C, increasing in temperature towards the center of the module.”

This, really, is not any different from what Rossi himself has told us – he has confirmed that the unit is maintaining 1100 to 1200 C – but to hear it from someone besides Rossi is some confirmation for those following the story. The skeptics suggested from the beginning that Cures was a plant, that he was intended to release the information. However, Rossi tells us otherwise.

Another feature that Cures reported was that the reactor was hotter toward the middle of the core. This is a little more detail than we are accustomed to receiving. Some have suggested the use of a fusor to keep the heat evenly distributed, but evidentially, this is not in use as yet, at least with the E-Cat that Cures observed.

The person posting as “Cures” and, so some think, other aliases, is really Colonel Domenico Fioravanti. Rossi himself said that if Fioravanti leaked the information, it was simply due to enthusiasm for what he had seen proven in the tests.

Rossi first met Fioravanti in 1976 at the Engineering University of Turin. Rossi was 26, and was well known in his field, especially dealing with electrostatic precipitators. Remember, at this time, Rossi was working on building facilities and developing technology that would convert industrial waste into fuel oil. Rossi gave Fioravanti most of the papers he had written on the subject. They did not meet again for 35 years, at which time Fioravanti contacted Rossi through the Journal of Nuclear Physics, congratulating him on the E-Cat. Rossi says he was delighted to hear from Fioravanti, and learned that he is a Colonel Engineer in charge of missile testing.

When Rossi was ready to release his industrial E-Cat to his anonymous military client, they were in need of a neutral consultant, and Rossi suggested Fioravanti. His military customer knows Fioravanti because he has worked with NATO, and at very high levels at the Pentagon, focusing on thermodynamic tests. Fioravanti is the one who gave the military client the go ahead on the industrial E-Cat.

Rossi still, even after discovering that Fioravanti was the source of the leak, stands behind the Colonel, saying that:

“His intellectual integrity and his knowledge of the matter has allowed a job that has been considered highly professional from all the parties involved.”

A poster to Rossi’s Journal of Nuclear Physics described “Cures” as, “…always…very gentle, skilled and serious person…”

Rossi himself has said about the affair that “Cures”, or Fioravanti, is probably going to be in trouble, stating, “I am sorry for Cures (this is before the identity was known), who will have some troubles, but is not my problem at this point.” He also said that they were all quite angry with their “Deep Throat” and that the university professors had wanted to maintain cover until the report was published.

Skepticism still abounds, with some saying that Fioravanti is a ruse, not a real person, and that it has been Rossi himself who has been posting on various sites since 2005, under the name of Cures. It seems like a stretch of incredible proportions to believe something like this rather than the idea that Fioravanti actually exists. However, the idea also seems far-fetched that a high ranking military person, who probably has security clearances “out the wazoo”, would leak any kind of information.

On the upside of this affair, it seems that now, the University of Bologna is going to conduct another test of the Hot Cat, with public attention this time, rather than in secret. This “outing” by Fioravanti has spurred Leonardo Corp. and the U. of B. to go public with some of this technology. Let’s hope that it doesn’t have the same effect as Fleischmann and Pons when they were forced into early demonstration of their process by the University of Utah.

The tests are to be performed this coming October 15th. The University of Bologna will publish the results.

Before that test, Rossi will be addressing the symposium in Zurich. This September meeting promises to be a big news event, with a full report on his Hot Cat promised in mid-September. Rossi has been asked if he would do an actual demonstration of his E-Cat at the symposium, but he said that he would only be speaking at that event. Any demonstrations will be conducted by the University of Bologna. The promise that September will be a big month for revelations about the E-Cat has many of his followers, most of whom hope that this will be the turning point for Rossi and his E-Cat. The September presentation will, hopefully, be the full public revelation of this revolutionary technology, with printed materials available for study, comparison, and experimentation

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  1. If the September conference is just an uncorroborated “Rossi says” update on all the advances being made by his team, it will mean nothing. He’ll need an independent 3rd party corroborator (like a customer who actually spent money) to give credibility, otherwise we’ll have to wait for the University of Bologna trial in October, assuming that it ever happens. I’ve become jaded about Rossi these past past 10 months. When the promised rigorous 3rd party-validated October 2011 test turned out to be anything but that, it all went down hill for me. At this point, I’m more interested in what guys like Celani and Duncan are doing. They might not have anything that is commerce-ready, but they at least have peer reviewed trials showing anamolous heat generation. That indicates LENR does exist. It might take a decade to turn it into something useful, but it’s something. Rossi hasn’t shown anything yet.

    • NASA scientists have already also agreed LENR exists. See Dr. Joseph Zawodny and Dennis Bushnell’s statements and videos on the matter. LENR is no longer something to debate upon.

      Who is to be the first to release a market-ready LENR device is still something to debate upon, but considering the latest developments on Rossi’s E-Cat, it seems he’s heads & shoulders above the rest.

  2. Hello Friend, What do you think about NASA offering licensing of their LENR scheme for the direct production of electricity. Go to their Technology Gateway site and search for Plasmons or Polaritons and it will take you to Zawodny’s video and a contact with the SBIR for a little technology sharing. Let’s all wake up and smell the possibilities!!

    Best Regards, Paul D. Maher

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