Swedish Follower Discusses Rossi’s TV Appearance

Mattis Andersson, Swedish and an e-cat World follower, recently discussed the recent TV appearance of Italian inventor Andrea Rossi on a Swedish SVT show’s “The World In Science”. Obviously, the program started by providing a brief history of the cold fusion research emphasizing on the dream of infinite energy. Also, hot fusion research and ITER were also mentioned.

The best thing about the feature though is it focused more on Rossi and his new and controversial device, energy catalyzer or e-cat. This is what made the interview more exciting and interesting. Rossi also demonstrated the 10 KW e-cat in self-sustained mode by pulling the plug. Then, the reported showed the 1 megawatt container. Andersson further said:

“Then there is a sequence from Bologna University where Stremmenos is interviewed. Stremmenos explains how this research had been going on for many years with indication of anomalous heat production (he mentions Focardi as part of the research team.) However, it was first when Rossi entered the game that the excess energy went from Watts to kilowatts. (There was some background also on Rossi’s failed attempt with garbage processing plants.)Then there was an interview with Peter Ekström from Lund’s University. Peter has been one of the die-hard skeptics from the very beginning. There is a Swedish web forum about the e-cat (www.energikatalysatorn.se), where Peter posts on a daily basis and I dare say that there is quite a polarization between the optimists and the skeptics. It’s not all that easy to express an optimistic view in this forum. Peter is a nuclear physicist.”

There was also a Magnus Holm was interviewed where he expressed his support for Rossi. Holding a bottle, Holm stated that “this much might be enough for the lifetime fuel supply of a car”. There were other e-cat enthusiasts who were interviewed like Mats Lewan, Hanno Essen and Sven Kullander. All of them are optimistic. Andersson shared:

“Mats says that if you persistently reject the possibility that “things are too good to be true” then you’re excluding something that may very well be real. I like Kullander’s comment: “if it’s not real, then at least it’s a very good story.”

On the other hand, there was also an e-cat sighting of an e-cat plant that is different from what has been photographed. This is the same photo taken in Bologna factory that was released a few months ago. It is not known though if it’s the new Hot e-cat plant or not.

Video of the show in Swedish:

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