Third Party Tests Are Not Paid

As we await the publication of the third party results on Andrea Rossi’s E-Cats, a pall of doubt overhangs the procedure. Will the third party be unbiased? Will they publish their findings in a respectable scientific journal, or hide the information in a minor publication? Could the certificators be influenced by outside factors?

A poster on Andrea Rossi’s blog, the Journal of Nuclear Physics, recently asked about who pays the third party validators. Rossi explained:

“The Third Party Validators are paid by nobody. They worked exclusively for scientific purpose. The pact with us is: they are allowed to publish where they want the results, whatever the result. We had to put at their disposal the Apparatus, in a clean room, with all the electric connections under their control, without limit of time.”

Mr. Rossi has stated in the past, on several occasions, that he trusts the third party validators. He has also vouched for the instrumentation the validators used.

Andrea Rossi has two PhDs, one in philosophy. Let’s hope that the third party validators share the philosophical commitment to objectivity and truth.

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