Who Is Funding Rossi?

There has been much speculation about the source of Andrea Rossi’s funding for the E-Cat. The first 1 MW E-Cat plant was apparently commissioned by a military concern. At the same time, Rossi has, so far, used his own family monies to fund his own research.

However, there have been some developments that indicate that Rossi might have received a sudden influx of money. It could be that he is operating off of the profits from his first E-Cat transaction. He also has resumed studying the Siemens’ turbine. This turbine is supposed to be an electrical generator that can run off of the steam generated by the E-Cat. It also could be that the reason the Siemens project is back in the spotlight is because the high temperature E-Cat can produce enough heat to make the testing worthwhile.

With the recent news that Saudi Arabia is pursuing the use of alternative fuels, speculation also has it that this may be the source of Rossi’s funds. The Saudis have an entire city dedicated to the use of alternative fuels. Some wonder if this is the “military concern” that has purchased the first E-Cat power plant. If this is the case, why would the Saudis invest in acres of solar arrays, unless they’re “covering all their bets”?

There are also rumors that Rossi no longer has full control of the Leonardo Corporation, considering the board of directors he mentioned about a couple of months ago. The possibility arises that perhaps the Saudis are the ones who have invested in Rossi’s ideas to the point where they now own controlling interest. If this is the case, there’s a lot of room to speculate about an oil based economy controlling the most potent alternative energy technology to evolve in the last century. While Saudi Arabia may use the technology to make their own nation independent from fossil fuels, they could try to withhold or at least delay this technology from the rest of the world, making their own fortune from continued oil sales.

While the world waits, Rossi continues to perfect his invention. The E-Cat news he promised later this week should shed some light on the progress of his LENR units. Some very influential entities have enough confidence in Rossi’s work to invest into these devices, who do you think they are?

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  1. Rossi himself says he has no factories. He wants one in Sweden or the USA he says. So far after the initial hoopla there seems to be nothing to this except a guy
    in a condo in Florida who posts things on the internet.
    He was going to sell these things remember!
    Now he is “perfecting it”.
    That could take some time!
    The light is getting dimmer!

  2. Keep up the great work, jetmech. Ignorance is bliss until reality bites you in the ass.

  3. I must agree with jetmech1, I suspect AR went pathological. I wish all these blogs should stop publishing “Rossi Says” rubbish till anyone sees anything real!

    • Good Lord! Rossi has publicly demonstrated his E-Cat EIGHT (8) times! When are you super skeptics going to get you head out of the sand.

  4. I am writing to eng.A.Rossi am writing in Italian! ! Dear mr.rossi noi siamo un.gruppo di piccoli imprenditori del Nord-Est che muoiono dalla. voglia di parlare con Lei! . Sappiamo che Lei e’ IMPEGNATO con le turbine ma noi vorremmo estorcerLe la promessa dii un ritorno in Italia a un Suo cenno attiveremo la richiesta di linea di credito a 2grandi banche e l’inserimento della produzione un uno stahilimento, dismesso, di Porto Marghera. ATTENDIEANO UN SUO CENNO DI RISPOSTA.

  5. Stefano, vorrei veramente sbagliarmi ma credo che perdete il vostro tempo, seguo la storia dell’e-cat da almeno 2 anni e sono convinto che sia tutta “aria fritta” e che il mio omonimo magari in buona fede stia illudendo se stesso e milioni di altri credenti boccaloni.

    comunque ormai ottobre si avvicina.

    Sorry for my post in Italian

  6. from italy
    Hi Mr Rossi,
    seguo da tempo le sue vicende, vorrei sviluppare di concerto con una business school italiana una start up incentrata sulle applicazioni industriali di ecat supportata da piccoli e medi imprenditori italiani. Ho una esperienza decennale nel settore energy oil e credo nelle alternative nel medio lungo termine

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