Work Goes On On The E-Cat

Andrea Rossi recently noted, in the Journal of Nuclear Physics, that work is continuing on the E-Cat technology he has perfected. A frequent poster to the Journal, Steven Karels, recently voiced the feelings of many readers of the Journal when he said, “It seems like little is going on in the eCat world.” He did also state the he knows that Mr. Rossi and his team are working very hard. We all know this, but since we are not on the front lines, so to speak, we don’t see much happening.

Rossi was encouraging with his answers, giving a somewhat longer response than his often terse 2 or 3 words:

“1 – we are working very strong to manufacture our plants. In our factories the work has never been so intense as it is in this period. Therefore the E-Cats, that soon will hit the market, will not fade, be sure. If there is around somebody saying the contrary, let them talk, while we work.

2 – the report of the independent third party will be published, as I always said. Whatever the result

3 – the efficiency and the convenience of the E-Cats is very simple to measure: the Customer looks how much energy consumes and how much energy produces: it is not difficult.”

The last part of this response was directed at Karels concern that it would not be possible to assess or study the industrial unit due to go online in February. Karels suggested that the unit would be working, doing its job in supplying energy to the industry, and that testing of the unit would not be possible. In this case, Mr. Rossi says that the fact that the unit is working will be enough to prove its worth.

He also stated:

“We are just working at the best of our possibilities. God will decide which is the merit of it, not me for sure.”


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  1. Either this phenomena is real or it’s not. Rossi has legal protections in place — why is he not releasing the details of this technology? This “Steorn” style game is getting real old, real quick.

  2. There has not been a single independent report validating the workings of the E-cat. There is not a single photograph or witness of the “factories” being built to manufacture it.

    Right now, there is more proof of the existence of the Tooth Fairy than of the E-cat.

  3. “the E-Cats, that soon will hit the market”. Already one year ago there were reports that they sold 1MW units to non military customers. Yet there is no confirmation for this. The e-cat looks like a gigantic Potemkin village.

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