Zurich Attendee Says He Is Now Convinced Of Rossi’s Work

The Zurich Conference was the event of the weekend, as it culminated on Sunday, September 9. There have been several reports about the conference, that also served as the first meeting of e-cat licensees. Italian inventor Andrea Rossi was among the speakers and he hasn’t failed to provide new information to the e-cat followers who are looking to know and understand more about his e-cat technology.

In his presentation, Rossi talked a lot about the research and development of his technology with the description of measures made on his latest device, the high temperature e-cat, also known as Hot Cat.

One of the attendees of the e-cat convention in Zurich was E. Günther who submitted a very interesting report about the recently concluded convention. In his report, Günther admitted that he is now convinced of Rossi’s work. He explained that he was never convinced of the controversial e-cat LENR based device until he attended the Zurich Convention.

“To conclude for me: I am now pretty convinced that Rossi has what he claims. I wasn’t before. Rossi is now open about his theoretical unawareness of the physics. But all his data he published fits with what other more scientific groups found. Him being so covered became much more logic to me. First he had to look to not become a too big target of very powerful organisations. Second, from him being obviously not sure about what is happening I conclude that his devices are likely even much simpler than expected. Every information might have set someone one in front of the race, especially if it is someone who understands the underlying physics better. So you can go though Rossi’s last 2 years and will find that from that point of view he acted very smart indeed: Nobody believed him or at least not to a level to destroy or copy him. Diversion is a smart move.” (via e-catworld.com)

E. Günther is a physicist and stated that there were many interested physicists who attended the conference. He also disclosed that there were a handful of reporters who were there to cover the event. In his report, E. Günther said that Rossi shared very openly about his device and that the Italian inventor admitted that he has changed his initial opinion that the extras energy comes from transmutation, to the one that the transmutation of Ni is a byproduct of Gamma decay.

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