Zurich Convention: LENR Experiments and Expectations

Zurich Convention is live with Andrea Rossi speaking!

The Zurich Convention started yesterday, on September 8 and culminates today. The 2-day conference is also known as “Energy Turnaround with E-Cat Technology – Revolutionary environmentally friendly energy systems.” There are many e-cat enthusiasts who are really excited about the conference in order to learn more about the e-cat technology.

The topics are the following: E-cat Technology for Industrial and Home Applications, History, Theory and Practice of Cold Fusion, Profitability of 1 MW E-Cat Plants for Heat Generation, Advantages of 1 MW E-Cat-Plants for Process Heat Generation, Development and Future Aspects of E-Cat Technology, Strategies and Concepts of Licensees in Europe, Potential markets of the E-Cat-Technology in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Potential markets of the E-Cat-Technology in Germany, Application of the Nickel-Hydrogen Technology for Desalination Plants, Novel Concept for the Conversion of Heat into Electric Energy with Demo, Alternative Primary Energy Resources for Heat and Electricity and Panel Discussion with Andrea Rossi and other Speakers.

According to Italian inventor Andrea Rossi, Zurich serves as the first meeting of the e-cat licensees. Rossi stated that he will provide further details about his e-cat LENR technology during his speech at the convention. He also mentioned about the e-cat report which will be published this month. Rossi added that he will share the e-cat journal during the conference and as we publish this, he is explaining his technology, research e-cat device setup.

What are your expectations towards the convention?

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  1. Dear Mr Rossi;
    I knew Dr. Fleischmann we met at ICCF-7. I understand this teck. I saw a Production Supervisor for Custom scanning SONARs. May be I could help you?

    • Well, you are an idiot aren’t you? Firstly, although Rossi seems to be badly misguided, he should still be addressed properly (Dr or Prof.). Secondly, Fleischman was obviously already senile when he began to ruin his career over the cold fusion nonsense. Thirdly, the word is ‘tech’, not ‘teck’. Finally, you SAW a production supervisor? Are you a dyslexic who was trying to write ‘was’? You could help by not making this meeting look more stupid than it is.

      • I approved your comment, but for next time, please try to be polite. People can be misguided, but they still have the right to an opinion.

  2. The selling of licences to exploit ‘technology’ for which there is only dubious scientific evidence, and no truly independent replication, might be construed to be investment fraud.

  3. Thankyou. The very fact that comments have to be filtered strongly suggests that this an entirely pseudoscientific enterprise.

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