Zurich Convention To Be The First Meeting of E-Cat Licensees

The convention this September in Zurich will, hopefully, provide significant news about Andrea Rossi and his E-Cats. He has said that the convention will not have a demonstration of the devices, but that there will be papers presented concerning the validation tests that have been run all summer. There is much anticipation about the release of this information, as it is long-awaited. Some of the most persistent posters and craftily worded questions have met with Rossi’s stonewall about any kind of information concerning his E-Cats. Even the information leaked by the infamous Cures has not really told much more than we already knew.

Rossi has said, however, that the Zurich convention will also be a meeting place for all of the licensees of the E-Cat units. This is in response to a question asked by Adam Lebczak on Rossi’s blog, the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Lebczak asked Rossi:

“…what is the status of plans for training the first generation of ECAT installers and service personnel? What about manuals? Being ready with certification is one thing, but to be able to meet the demand and have a base in pace to install and service thousands of ECATs quickly is another important aspect.”

Rossi’s reply was:

“We are organizing our world network of licensees. The Zurich convention is the first global meeting of our licensees.”

For all of the skeptics’ “thumbing of the nose”, it sure does seem that things are beginning to snowball with the E-Cat.

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  1. Regarding the reports that will be presented, does anybody know if Rossi said anything about them being anonymous or not?
    And what about the “papers” to be published, are those Rossi’s papers, or some other scientist papers?

  2. I hope very much the E-Cats perform as they have been described, But I think the important information to come out of the September Conference is if Any of the licensees actualy have received a working E-Cat of their own ?
    I have asked E-Cat of Australia if they have a working E-Cat in their possession in Australia yet? ? And they were honest enough to tell me no they do not which means they have only seen demonstrations in Mr. Rossi-s lab under strict control of Mr. ROSSI?
    There have been rumors on line that E-Cat Austrailia paid $150,000 for licensing rights, So we need to know who if qnyone actually has a working E-Cat outside of Mr.Rossi’s lab ?? OR NOT ?? !!

  3. The September paper will be meaningless unless it references independent 3rd party validators (either individuals or companies) that can be interviewed. If there is any secrecy or if the “independent” validators have any relationship with Rossi (or have a vested commercial interest in ecat), the report will be nothing more than a Rossi advertisement. Also, the supposed University of Bologna test needs to be an OFFICIAL test run under the auspices of the University. If it’s just a University professor running a personal test, or one of Rossi’s people running an unofficial test at the University, it will be suspect. These are red flags that we should keep an eye open for. Another red flag would be a postponement of either. I hope that it all turns out to be true, but I’ve become a skeptic. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me!”

  4. Others are working on this technology also. There is really no point in speculating about whether Rossi’s claims are real or not and certainly nothing is gained by smearing his name without proof of wrong-doing. All we can do is sit back and wait to see what happens and how things develop. We are not in the driver’s seat. Rossi is. If the E-Cat turns out to be the greatest discovery in the last 200 years, then “oh happy days.” …. and I expect all you doubters and mud slingers to apologize. Lol.

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