Cold Fusion in Forbes Magazine [updates]

Mark Gibbs, the tech writer for Forbes Magazine, recently wrote an article about cold fusion. This is yet another nod of recognition from main stream media outlets. It seems that the major media are starting to mention cold fusion and LENR in quick reports, so that when power units are suddenly “discovered” to be working all over the world, they won’t appear to be totally out of the loop.

One significant quite from Gibbs’ article, “Cold Fusion Gets a Little More Real [Updated]” in Forbes is:

“While mainstream science…went about spending billions of dollars on ‘hot fusion’ (there are many who claim that cold fusion was systematically marginalized and deprecated by establishment scientists), a few ‘rogue’ researchers continued with cold fusion research and, over the last few years, evidence has piled up that cold fusion may, in fact, be real.”

Gibbs covered briefly the history of cold fusion with Fleischman and Pons. Although he mentions Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat in passing, he does quote Michael A. Nelson a NASA scientist, who was present at one of the tests done by one of Rossi’s competitors. Nelson was invited to observe the workings of Hyperion, and he affirmed (careful enough, not to risk any commitment) that there were, indeed, reactions taking place.

“…the results look promising but further study needs to be done.”

While media coverage for this once orphan science is starting to bubble to the subject to the top of consciousness, we anticipate the first visits to be allowed in a working power plant based solely on LENR. Andrea Rossi’s Hot Cat plant is due to go online in February of 2013, and since the purchaser is going to be revealed, visits will be allowed to the facility.

Then, the mainstream media can come out of the closet and cover LENR on a more constant basis and commit more to the subject, as there’s still very few people out of the scientific circles who are aware of its potential and even existence.

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