Is The Fossil Fuel Energy Ready To Bend To LENR?

Fossil fuels, not Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, have been the main source of industrialized power for well over 100 years. Steam power ushered in the industrial revolution, and the internal combustion engine revolutionized everyday life. Since then, the mining, drilling, transporting, processing, and distribution of fossil fuels have all become juggernauts of industry. This is in the literal definition of the word.

In ancient cultures, a juggernaut was a huge cart bearing statues of gods. As the cart was drawn through the streets, it has been said that the lubrication for the wheels was the blood of the people who threw themselves in front of the cart to be crushed by its unspeakable weight. In modern times, the term juggernaut is applied to any group of people, organization, or team that is capable of crushing any opposition. The juggernaut demands blind loyalty and sacrifice with no mercy.

The fossil fuel industry is just such an entity. As underdeveloped nations have become more industrialized, they have fed this juggernaut with the blood of more civilizations as the need for fossil fuels becomes even more insidious.

Conspiracy theorists in the United States alone speculate that the very reason we do not have a viable, affordable alternative to fossil fuels is because the oil and coal industries “buy up” inventions as soon as they are birthed, often obtaining the patents upon the threat of the very lives of the inventors. Secret societies that supposedly control governments are reported to be funded by the oil and coal industries.

But even if you discount the conspiracy theories and look at the cold, hard facts of marketing, the fossil fuel industry holds a clear monopoly over the least expensive and most abundant forms of energy, on a global basis. The entire economies of some countries are dependent on their one and only export: oil. The economies of many developed countries, such as the U.S., orbit around fossil fuels. President George W. Bush referred to America’s “addiction” to oil, but we really have no other choice. Solar and wind technology are not developed to be affordable to the average person, and electric cars are far too expensive for the majority of people. In addition, many people see no difference between burning gasoline in their cars and using electricity produced by coal burning power plants to charge the batteries on electric cars – especially when the batteries themselves are hazardous waste, and must be replaced in a few short years.

So, where does LENR technology fit in? Right now, it will fit in at the most populous level –the individual citizen. Andrea Rossi has a patent pending on a home fusion unit capable of heating an entire home for years. He has designed it so that the homeowner simply switches the home over to power from the unit, rather than coal oil and natural gas currently used.

The impact of LENR technology will be astounding. The laws of supply and demand cannot be rewritten – if individuals stop buying coal oil and natural gas, the distributors will not purchase as much from the oil and coal companies. If sales drop, refining drops. If refining is reduced, the call for raw materials is slashed, leaving the producers of the raw fossil fuels holding a product of fading significance. This is the stuff that fuels revolutions.

Expect the fossil fuel industry to fight back. Political pressure and misinformation through the media will be the more subtle efforts of a doomed industry to save itself. In the unfortunate countries that depend on oil and coal as a main source of exports, there will be starvation and civil war when the only employers pull out of the regions.

It may be that the factories that produce the E-Cat fusion units will be built in regions that would benefit most from the economic boost of new employment. However, as with any industry, this will take time to establish – probably in proportion to the dent LENR makes in oil and coal consumption. However, just as the decline of the car industry affected hundreds of thousands of jobs in the U.S., you can expect even more change as the oil industry loses its devotees.

Because, in the end, if LENR in the form of E-Cat technology is available, people will no longer be “addicted to oil”.

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  1. just note that latest workshop near Sienna, this April 2012, there were representative of exxon and Shell, and a french subsidiary of an italian drilling company…

    For me they simply ignore it is possible, and the few that consider it is possible go to conference and don’t talk to their bosses, not to look stupid.

    when LENR get public, they will simply adapt, fire some workers, invest in the new winner (like they already do with renewable bubble and with environmentalist taxes they pay for papal “indulgence”)…

  2. This event, and I am sure more like this in the next future, will lead to widespread distribution of the new technology:

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