Satellite Communications And E-Cat

You may not think of satellites when you consider LENR technology, but there may be a connection. The connection is electricity. Everything that involves battery operated devices and communication also means electrical properties are being used, and usually, satellites are part of the equation. Space satellites provide navigation and communication all over the world.

However, a large-scale blackout can shut all of this navigation and communication down. According to an article by James Donahue, there was a solar flare in 1921 that created a major blackout of power, and this was before cell phones and GPS. In 1989, there were 2 solar blasts that left the Hydro-Quebec power plant grid dark for 9 hours.

The power grids on this planet are vast and interwoven, and in some places, entirely non-existent. But war, terrorism, and solar flares, among other things, can cause blackouts and power shortages that not only leave people without electricity in their homes and hospitals, but without navigation from the satellites. If the power grids are damaged, the information from satellites cannot be sent to the appropriate receptors.

An independent power source could fix all of that. With a LENR device such as the E-Cat in most homes, the drain on the power grids would be much less, anyway, and the transmission lines could be protected more easily with surge protectors. With less strain on the grid, and less dependency on regional sources of power, satellite communication can be more secure.

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  1. The Grids will fade away over 20 to 30 years. The big 1 Megawatt devices and above will start to be used in Hotels, Business and apartments, taking big chunks of electricity off the grid. The early adapters will use the small heating units to reduce the electricity further. The reduced demand will halt production of new facilities and drive cost up fot the power companies. The Grid still needs to be supported with fixed cost. This increase in tradition energy cost will drive people to cold fusion faster, until the whole grid structure collapses because the cost is prohibitive.
    Wind and solar will quickly die once this technology is shown to be real. A whole set of Green infrastructure will be wiped out as they cant compete in cost and advantages.


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