Update on White House’s Green Buttons Initiative

A few weeks ago, we wrote here in this report about Barack Obama telling American industries to develop their own source of power. There is also a push to develop what the White House calls the “Green Button” initiative. This is a program being pushed by the White House that will track the exact usage of individual customers, making it publicly available online. According to Talking Points Memo, the last word we have heard from the White House about this was in May, when it was announced that utility companies had signed up to provide statistics to over 30 million American households and industries.

However, a software company called My Energy, based in Boston, says they can boost that to 300 million. In an email to TPM, Ben Bixby, co-founder and CEO of My Energy said:

“As of mid-December, this technology will be deployed for several hundred utilities and will be available to all customers of those utilities.”

Not only can customers go online to see who is using how much energy, they can download a mobile app, too.

The question is, why? The bills that customers receive every month tell them how much energy they have used. The purpose, if you disregard conspiracy theories of Big Brother Government, is that by analyzing energy usage, customers and utilities can trouble shoot ways to save energy. This is how My Energy hopes to profit from their technology, as consulting with consumers and providers.

Hopefully, in a few years, this will be totally unnecessary. Andrea Rossi’s Hot Cats will be put to work in the nation’s power plants, and clean energy will replace coal burning plants and nuclear reactors. And, if we are lucky, the domestic models will also become certified, taking private citizens off of the grid altogether.

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