1000 Degree Hot Cat

Andrea Rossi’s Hot Cat has raised hopes for an alternative energy source capable of running municipal power plants. The Hot Cat, originally referred to as the 600 E-Cat or E-cat 600, was producing temperatures of 600 degrees. Now, it is in excess of 1000 degrees C.

The key to this optimism is that if the E-Cat, or Hot Cat, can produce that much heat, and sustain the production of heat, it can produce steam. If it can produce steam, it can power turbines that are used to generate electricity. This means that the units can be used in power pants, in lieu of coal or nuclear fission.

So, the E-Cat has gone to a home heating unit that requires little fuel, and is quite affordable, to an industrial sized unit that can provide heat and electricity to corporate complexes, to power plants capable of providing electricity to entire towns. The only one being sold right now is the industrial sized one, but development and testing continue. In fact, Rossi has said that the domestic E-Cat is now capable of producing electricity for an average home. This is a huge leap from being a “space heater”, as some detractors have called it.

Rossi also affirms that he is still set with Home Depot to market the domestic models. He also, in reply to questions about Siemens’ recent business dealings, says that he still trusts Siemens. As Siemens buys out a competitor, some worry that they may pass the E-Cat work to the added company.

Until the release of a fully powered Hot Cat with its steam turbines, we will just have to take hope in the presence of the 1000 degree experiments.

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