Are Bigger E-Cats Still Possible?

Several commenters on Andrea Rossi’s Journal of Nuclear Physics recently have asked if the size of the E-Cat can be increased. “Giuseppe” asked:

“Is something reasonable to think in the future to a bigger size e-cat able to produce a gigawatthour/h of energy, or your studies exclude some thing like this?”

Stefano asked:

“…it seems that the cat single module cannot be more powerful than like now. You can rise the power only with more units together. Is there a reason? Can you put more powder and hydrogen to get more energy in a unit?”

Andrea Rossi responded with:

“We can combine modules to reach any power we want. I do not see any obstacle under a theoretical point of view.” And further, “…It is a matter of safety.”

Throughout the construction of the E-Cat, Hot Cat, and Industrial Cat, power has been increased with the addition of more units. And, comparatively, the size of the 1MW power unit is significantly smaller than other units that can produce that kind of power.  This may bring on another question for discussion – are bigger E-Cats necessary?


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