Charging the E-Cat

Joseph Fine recently asked Andrea Rossi some very interesting questions about the E-Cat’s fuel canisters. Rossi has stated that there is little or no transmutation taking place in the fuel of the E-Cat. This leads one to wonder just why the fuel cells need to be replaced. Fine asked Rossi:

“You recommend charges should be replaced every six months, but since transmutations to other elements are not significant, it may be possible to operate for 8 months or longer. Can you discuss why the charge has to be replaced after six months if there is little, if any, transmutation?”

Rossi’s reply:

“you are right, but the 6 mo replace will be extended to a longer time as soon as we will get enough experience. It is a conservative choice.”

If anything, it is more encouraging to know that Rossi is so conservative in his estimates. In his statements about testing the Hot Cat, he announced a COP of 11.7, saying that he reduced his estimate by 30% just to be safe. With Brillouin claiming that their unit can run for 3 to 5 years on one charge of fuel, and Rossi saying that the amount of fuel being used is negligible, the math just didn’t seem to work. Now, we know that Rossi is, indeed being conservative.

In addition, Fine asked:

“Do structural or material changes degrade performance after six months or is the charge replacement for proprietary reasons?”

Rossi’s answer was that the change is for proprietary reasons. This could well be because Rossi’s units are already on the market, and the industrial units will be watched carefully by certified technicians. The change-out of the fuel canister is another way to keep a close eye on the units, probably reassuring the certifiers, as well. Chances are, this step will be skipped once the units are widely accepted and have proven their reliability.

Rossi also said:

“By the way, we would arrive to a time extension that will allow us to replace the whole module and sell as scrap the old one, after recovering the charge to recycle.”

So, not only is Rossi creating clean energy, he is already planning what he’ll do with the scraps.


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  1. So the Rossi Ecat does not transmute anything.
    It now works on pure magic!
    The nuclear LENR thing is out the window.
    It does not work by any LENR type reaction ie
    nothing is going on at ANY nuclear level and no transmutations are
    going on?
    So now it just works on pure magic?
    Harry Potter type stuff?

  2. jetmech – your ‘EITHER-OR’ argument is so simplistic. This is the same argument the Hot Fusion scientists used against P&F? Meanwhile, hundreds of experiments are producing excess heat and validating the LENR reactions? Who do we believe: jetmech, who has NO EVIDENCE? Or the researchers who test and validate in a scientific manner? jdh

  3. Bill Donovan (involved in Australian license) theorizes that the primary reaction is the conversion of hydrogen to deuterium (non-radioactive), and that the build-up of deuterium quenches the reaction over time, hence the need to refresh the mixture every six months.

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