Considerations on E-Cat Prototype

As more people request the E-Cats devices developed by Andrea Rossi be released to the market, Rossi has had to be very careful not to release any information about his invention. In the meantime, independent testing and certification processes continue, with enthusiastic reports from Rossi about the progress they’ve been making.

Just in the last week, a poster who identifies himself as Ecco Liberation asked Rossi about extended testing of his product. This is noted on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Rossi’s forum. Ecco asked if the ongoing testing is for validation or for the sake of development.

Rossi’s response indicates yet another development in his own view of his work. He said:

“…the tests are both validation and development tests: the two tasks intertwine between themselves, because during the tests we learn, react, modify. Again: this is not a product, is a prototype growing up .”

In the minds of most people, a “product” is ready to go onto the shelves, supplying consumers with their desires. A prototype is one-in-a-million, designed to show those studying it the possibilities of available technology.

Obviously, Rossi din’t mean that he is just building kits for demonstrations and studies. He is currently working on a couple different E-CAT products: manufacturing and selling the industrial E-Cats, and at the same time learning more and more about this emerging technology while pushing for a high temperature E-Cat version. Just recently, he changed the design of the chambers of his Hot Cat, fixing the problem that caused such a debate about measurements, earlier this month.

What’s next on the line?

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  1. Dear Mr. Rossi what happend to the robotic plant that would be producing one million domestic ecats per year. Are you still going forward with this and is the cost of the units going to be the same, under $1000.00 ? If so when would be the estimate time of delivery .
    thank you for all you do.
    Frank Foster

  2. Something tells me that 5 years from now this technology won’t be available at the market.

    • The technology used for the e-cat plants has already been safety approved, so your predictions seem to be a bit too far-fetched.

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