Cost of Hot Cat to Remain the Same

In the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi’s blog, Rossi was recently asked about the prices on the upcoming Hot Cats. At the modest dimensions of 2 m long X 1 m high X 1 m wide, the Hot Cat is quite a bit more compact than its predecessor, the 1 MW E-Cat.

There has also been a question as to possible differences in costs between the electric versions and the gas powered Hot Cats.

Rossi replied:

“The cost of the Hot Cat fueled by gas or by electric power is not substantially different from the low temperature E-Cat….”

Rossi also confirmed that the holdup on certification of the domestic E-Cat is not due to anything but the nature of the intended market:

“…electric or gas boilers are already certified…the issue, as you imagine, is another, for the domestic applications, destined to be used by unskilled persons.”

Both of these assurances come at a good time. The rise of the Hot Cat, and apparent success of these units, has made some doubt whether or not the domestic E-Cats will ever be produced. Many have also wondered whether or not the Hot Cats will be priced out of the market for industrial use or municipal markets. However, with Rossi’s assurances, it is clear that the Hot Cat will be pretty much the same price as its forerunner, the 1 MW E-Cat.

Moreover, Rossi has not abandoned the domestic E-Cat. It is, as he has repeatedly said, going to take the market success of the industrial units to make the domestic E-Cat acceptable to the certifiers.

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  1. ‘ However, with Rossi’s assurances, it is clear that the Hot Cat will be pretty much the same price as its forerunner, the 1 MW E-Cat.’

    Less hot air – more physical reality please. To put it in terms of a very successful add campaign from 10 or 15 years ago. “Where’s the beef?”

    Brillioun has secured millions in funding based on the proviso that they produce a working demonstration unit. Rossi ‘s undisclosed partners under NDA’s as her makes ever grander claims regarding the evolution of the ecat looks and smells more and more like a scam. He needs to finish and publicly operate one unit publicly and incontrovertibly and the support will pour in.
    Repeated missed deadlines for publishing 3rd party reports and withdrawals of funding by ‘partners’ do not bode well for Rossi’s E-cat although I fervently hope to be proven wrong.
    At this point I’m much more interested in following Intelligentry’s unveiling of the plasma motor within the next two weeks. Moving just one breakthrough source of useful energy into the marketplace would truly have worldwide ramifications.
    Here’s hoping!

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