E-Cat Applications Updates

Any time a new energy source is developed, some thoughts turn toward weaponry. When Andrea Rossi was asked about whether or not his E-Cats could be used for weapons, his response was no. He says “the reactions are too slow to be applicable to a weapon”. This is good news, considering the devastation caused by aggressive use of other technologies. However, the seriously offense and defense minded weapons experts could certainly work out a way of using any alternative energy for transportation of weapons. While atomic bombs may be dicey to deliver, the use of nuclear power for submarines and aircraft carriers is now well known.

Another application for using E-Cats for transportation may be for electrical trains. A poster to the Journal of Nuclear Physics  asked Rossi if the E-Cat could be used for locomotive power. The poster, Adam Lepczak, mentioned that trains in Europe are electrified through the tracks, and proposed that the electricity from the track may be useful for providing the drive and control system for the E-Cat. Lepczak asked:

“Do you foresee such a hybrid (Electric/E-Cat) locomotive system to be a possibility?”

Rossi’s reply was affirmative. It could be possible that the E-Cat can become part of a hybrid system that gets its power from the electricity in the railroad tracks. This may actually become the first application for E-Cat in transportation.


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