E-Cat Dreams

A poster on the Journal of Nuclear Physics recently proposed a prospective calendar of events to Andrea Rossi. Jan Srajer told Rossi:

“I have a dream. Winter 2013: E-Cat 1 MW in trial plant. Springtime 2013: public announcement about the investors and demo for the journalists. Summer 2013: start the productions plant. Autumn energetic boom. What do you think about?”

Rossi himself referred to the projected time table as “realistic”. This dream – which skeptics would call a fantasy – is already in the works for winter of 2013. The first ever commercial Hot Cat will be delivered to a customer in February. Once the unit has been in action for a period of time, the purchases of the unit will be announced, and guests will be invited to observe the phenomenon of LENR. This is right in line with the projected calendar.

Once the media finally acknowledges the success of the Hot Cat, and the public is allowed access to the technology, next summer could, indeed, see a boom in manufacturing facilities for the E-Cat. With that timetable, an energy revolution should be in full gear by autumn of 2013.

This is, indeed, a totally realistic timetable. The Hot Cat will be able to produce steam for electricity as well as heat, so there will be more than one market affected by this new technology.

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