E-Cat Reports On The Way

With all of the excitement of Col. Fioravanti’s report on the function of E-Cats, all of those following developments of LENR and Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat machines are awaiting the public release of the full reports. Col. Fioravanti verified the workings, temperature, and construction of the E-Cats, providing more detail than Rossi himself has done. Third part verification is key to having these units approved by the public and by media.

However, as PESN points out, Rossi has agreements with third party scientists who are studying the E-Cat. These scientists will release the information when they are ready to, and Rossi has no say in the matter. Fioravanti’s “leaked” report is the only news we’ve been offered, but perhaps it has served to spur the third parties onward, because the reports are now about to be released.

At the E-Cat conference in Switzerland this September, an abbreviated report will be released. This will be on about Sept. 8 to the 10th. Then, in October, the University of Bologna will release their results in a more detailed and comprehensive report.

The E-Cat is on the brink of release to the general public. For the first time in 100 years, we may have a major power source independent of fossil fuels. Surely, having to wait a few months more for the reports is a work of patience for many.

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