E-Cats And Radio Frequencies

A question has arisen on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi’s blog, as to whether or not radio frequencies are involved in the functioning of the domestic E-Cat, or if any E-Cat will affect radio frequencies in the area in which the unit operates.

A poster identifying himself as “Antenna” asked if the home E-Cat will require FCC certification, because early on, he had heard that the domestic models would be partially regulated with radio waves.

Rossi responded that the E-Cats are all shielded from radio waves, so that radio frequencies will not interfere with the functioning of the units. In addition, he says that if local authorities require authorization for use, they will obtain such authorization. He says:

“Yes, the cer4tifiers told me they have taken in account this issue, but we have a shielding that forbids radio frequency interferences. Anyway, to install a plant are necessary the local Authorities permissions, so that if this particular authorization will be requested, we will obtain it. Interesting question.”

It is, indeed, interesting. There are all kinds of complications possible if the E-Cat is influenced by radio waves. Not only could a functioning unit create interference on local levels, but the units themselves could potentially be tampered with through the use of radio frequencies. This would make them more vulnerable than power plants. Thankfully, the shielding will take care of that possibility.


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  1. if the ecat is a tuned resonant cavity for a particular RF freq that triggers the reaction, it would explain much… and a properly desined cavity could not leak RF and still be an efficient resonanter. so fcc would only need to be satisfied, no leakage.

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