Hot Cat To Deliver Electric Power Soon

Steven N. Karels, a frequent contributor in Andrea Rossi’s official website Journal of Nuclear Physics, shared a very interesting topic that deserves an intelligent discussion and even debate. Of course, it is related to the e-cat LENR based technology of the Italian inventor. He said:

“It seems to me the best application for eCat technology is where long-term, steady thermal output power is needed. Do you agree? Applications we have discussed such as baseload electric power generation where the load is constant for months at a time. Or electricity generation for Aluminum plants where they run continuously.”

Rossi responded:

“Yes, best applications are where Customers want thermal steady energy. Same thing for electric power, that soon we will deliver with the Hot Cats.”

Hot cats producing not only heat but also electricity in the near future is big news, but how close to being a real thing is that?

Karels further discussed about the e-cat applications and this time around he talked about electric cars:

“Electric cars require a large variety of output power from idle to hill climbing acceleration. Vehicle batteries are expensive, have very limited range and lose range in extreme temperature conditions. But the average power consumption of the car while cruising on a level road is very little.”

Rossi also answered this question. He stated that this specific application requires a lot of time. He explained:

“About cars I am very convinced that we will not see applications to cars before 10 years. A car maker I had a meeting with and with whom I have an NDA alive explained to me why it will take 20 years before seeing this tech on the cars, and he has been convincing. We are focused on thermal energy production (and manufacturing 1 MW plants for this purpose) and on electric power generation, for which we have advanced R&D in course.”

Robert Curto, another JONP poster, stated that the report of Karels is excellent. He also said that he forgot to mention that there is a cost to buy or lease 1,600 acres. He added:

“When the e-cat can generate commercial electricity, I believe it will be superior to ANY other method.”

Karels remains unperturbed by his opinion. He told Curto that he “still believe that hydro-electric power will be better than the hot e-cat in electricity generation as the flowing water provides the energy to be converted to electricity. But hydro-electric power is limited and cannot easily grow.”

Who do you think is right? And how far are we today from a Hot Cat electricity provider?

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  1. Yeah right!
    Like an Ecat actually exists and works as advertised in the first place.
    Lets get that “little” hurdle out of the way first!

    • Perhaps your bias is impatience, thus denial. See and the Toyota confirmation of Mitsubishi LENR science recently.

  2. I am unsure why a series of “Hot Cat 1 MWh” reactors can’t be easily daisy-changed with turbines and electrical generators to produce electricity very very inexpensively using the Carnot process – it runs at a high enough temperatures.

    Such a set up would change the world regardless of the COP, because the cost per thermal unit is so low using nickel and hydrogen fuel. Monkey see, monkey do – all that is really needed to change the consensus reality paradigm is to widely spread the existence and sight of such a practical and working LENR facility.

    By the way, LENR, more than any other technological advance I know of now, has the potential of accelerating future technological development because of LOAR (the Law of Accelerating Returns). Lack of cheap and abundant energy is the primary bottleneck to our current economy.

  3. I totally agree with Brad this tech could change the world and if it’s relatively inexpensive I wonder why we aren’t taking advantage of this opportunity

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