Hot Cat To Go Public

There is exciting news on the Journal of Nuclear Physics. Andrea Rossi announced that the Hot Cat plant we have all been excited about will start operations in February of next year! This is great news, and comes on the heels of a busy and exciting autumn season for the E-Cat.

Rossi announced:

“Yes, Leonardo Corp is very much powerful now. I can already say that the first 1 MW hot cat will go in operation within February 2013. It will not be a military application, therefore selected persons will be allowed to visit it. It will be installed in a big power production and distribution plant. This is the new. The plant is made in the USA.”

Assuming that the last sentence actually means “…this is the news…” that Rossi mentioned last week. He said that Leonardo Corp. would be much different this week, and now it appears that the company will be the proud “papa” of a working, distributed Hot Cat power plant.

Rossi has come under fire from critics and skeptics because of the caution he uses in selling his 1 MW power plants. The secrecy is still of utmost importance, since patenting only can protect his IP. Unfortunately, even with an EU patent, his IP will still be up for grabs by copy-cats and thieves. He has been very careful in who he lets in to observe the units in operation, also drawing criticism from the academic community.

The Hot Cat being sold is manufactured in the U.S., and Rossi says it is about the size of an oil barrel. At that sort of compact construction, it should be no problem to ship it anywhere, although the only thing Rossi will say about the customer is that it is a non-military purchaser. It also seems that the unit will be installed somewhere in Italy.

Rossi also shared:

“An extremely important agreement has been signed after the tests of the Hot Cat, which are going on since June in the USA and in Italy. The details will be communicated only after the plant will have been working for enough time to be visitable, also to avoid clubs in the wheels.”

“Clubs in the wheels” can wreck a bicycle, but the Hot Cat will face much more powerful opponents, once it is noticed by the mainstream fossil fuel industry.

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  1. I’ve asked this three times now. How are we supposed to find your posts once the fall off your home page? You don’t seem to have an archive function. When you have more than weeks’ content on your home page i can’t get to them to list them in our LENR-Week compilations.

    • There’s an improved latest news section right on our frontpage (top right, next to highlights) and you should be able to see daily & weekly articles there.

      Unfortunately, a full archive function keeps messing up with the rest of the site and until we figure out an improved way of showing it, we have to keep this as simple as it is now.

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