Is Something Brewing In The E-Cat Universe?

On Andrea Rossi’s Journal of Nuclear Physics recently, a frequent poster and close follower of the E-Cat developments, Hank Mills, asked for some validation from Rossi concerning his Hot-Cat. Mills pleaded:

“I would like to humbly appeal to yourself, the directors of Leonardo Corporation, and the certificators involved in the testing of the technology to allow you to share datra from a run of the hot cat in self sustain mode (steady temperature and power out put for at least an hour with no input) at the conference…Cynics can complain and skeptics can howl all they want, but they would not be able to dismiss the extreme significance of such test results…I literally beg of thee, please share such data. It would do a lot to end the mumbojumbo that is being spread by your enemies.”

Rossi’s response was, at first, surprising, and then exciting. Normally he refuses to give any information based on the requirements of secrecy surrounding his work. However, this time, he said:

“If the data we have now will be confirmed, do not worry at all.”

Coming from Rossi, who is always cautious to the point of being infuriating, this is a momentous comment.

Now, combine that with the fact that another conference has been called, this one in Pordenone, Italy. The October 12 LENR conference seemed to come out of nowhere, making those who follow Rossi’s E-Cat to sit up and take notice.

It is scheduled to start on Oct. 12, and Rossi has said that there may be some big news available on the Hot Cat by then. Rossi told Steven Karels, a frequent poster on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, asked Rossi “What’s up with a new E-CAT Meeting Scheduled for Pordenone…?”

Rossi replied that:

“We are working like beasts on the Hot Cat, in the USA as well as in Italy, and we are making something quite useful.”

Rossi was almost playful in the other part of his answer. He told Karels:

“…well, I will not go to Pordenone to clean the tops of the Dolomites with the wax…”

He then followed up by stating that

“…it is possible that in the Pordenone convention I will bring the final results regarding the third party validation of the Hot Cat. It is not certain, some work has still to be done, but it is not impossible. (he,he,he,he…)”

In addition, Miles on E-Cat World has said the he is getting emails from E-Cat Australia, ramping up and raising capital. In the United States, as well, the American Nuclear Society is including a session on LENR for the first time.

The overall energy surrounding Rossi, the E-Cat, and LENR in general is ramping up, with an excited undercurrent that threatens to bubble over. Hopefully, at the Pordenone conference, Rossi’s figures will be available on the Hot Cat. His anticipation must be far more intense than ours, considering this is his work.

The Italian inventor is obviously excited about the state of validation for the Hot Cat, and when someone as apparently stoic and tight-lipped as him expresses excitement, it can really stir up speculation and anticipation. Come on, October 12!

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  1. “…it is possible that in the Pordenone convention I will bring the final results regarding the third party validation of the Hot Cat.”
    WOW! “third party validation” If he can do that, the world should stand up and take notice. Rossi and his Hot Cat are ready for the big time. We should see Industrial Hot Cats soon after.
    Another route to ‘public acceptance’ will be Industrial Hot Cats, installed and running, at various locations where the public and reporters can observe and record the world shattering events.
    As for the Hot Fusion, Fission and card-carrying Skeptics who attacked the P&F announcements – ‘let them eat crow’. They should be ashamed of their self-centered response to cold fusion. jdh

  2. Let me contrast Rossi’s rapid pace of improvement to Defkalion’s rather dismal achievements to date. Defkalion presumably ripped off Rossi’s early E-Cat design, and reportedly is still having problems achieving a satisfactory stabilization of the reaction. OTH, Rossi has not only done much better stabilizing that early design, he has improved not only the hydrogen intake, but also the highest stable temperature. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that Rossi is a builder, and Defkalion is a looter. Too bad they didn’t have more patients with Rossi, and instead took his early design and thought they could save money by copying it.

    Let me be more explicit: Rossi’s mind is the prize, not his current product. From this I can predict that Rossi’s greatest achievements are ahead of him, not in his past. Furthermore, I can predict that he will be constantly fighting the looters and the moochers as he tries to create a product (like the fictional Rearden steel) to make a profit.

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